NeonTek 10" LED Ring Light

NeonTek 10" LED Ring Light

How bright is the light, as far as lumens? I see you can adjust it but if it is dim, less dim, ok I kinda see you now… then I’ll be sending back this gift. I don’t have time to go research it online— I think it should be clearly stated in the description as any light bulb.
Kelvin Range=

It is dark in my :rage::exploding_head:migraine :earth_americas: — well, I mean my bed​:sleeping_bed::black_large_square:!

Thank you kindly for a response—

I could only find one site with reviews of this, and they weren’t very good, so I guess buyer beware (as always)

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I forgot my social graces & say, :pray:t2:Thank You. Your response helped confirm my decision to give my niece something else. :star: