Nerd Life, Baby Woot Info Post posts way too much at the forums

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I don’t get what the D and the . are. Someone explain?

I can only read this as “Pi-erd”.

I really like this shirt, except the true nerd in me says that “Pi” is the Greed “P”.

Love it! In for one.

Folded glasses

horn-rimmed “nerd” glasses (one half of such), and a 20-sided die.

For years, the bizarre design of the N64 controller puzzled me (who has three arms???)…but it all makes sense now! It was part of a code left for the true nerds to decipher.

This shirt makes me excited like a positive ion!!

Half of some nerdy glasses and a 20 sided die.

the “.” is a 12 sided die for DnD, dont know what the D is supposed to be either.

edit: doh! 20 sided

D is a pair of broken glasses (one lens and half the frame)

the period is a 20 sided die.

Took me a while just because I was trying to start with Pi. Also thinking about what the N64 controller may have been called.

I THINK the D is a glasses lens? maybe?

That Nintendo 64 controller isn’t officially licensed!

This shirt is factually inaccurate!



I read “HERO” when I first saw this. Thumbs down.

Lowercase lambda would have made a better “n” and eigenvalues are a hell of a lot more nerdy than pi.

When I saw it I thought it said “hero”.

N = Pi

E = N64 Controller

R = Protractor

D = Glasses

. = ? My guess is a Decoder ring, or a D20