Pocket protector and calculator? What, no smart phone? No iPad? This nerd is a…a dinosaur!

At first, I saw Kermit the Frog

Its little arms do well for holding those items. Well-played.

This is clearly a traced photograph of my brother.

I would expect that dinosaur to be a total World of Warcraft fiend.

Sorry, but the terms nerd and geek cannot be used interchangeably.

I’m glad someone has finally given the Tyrannosaurus two fingers, as is proper. (As opposed to the erroneous three often seen on it.)

I’ve read that the Nerdasaurus was a big video game fan, but he never did get the hang of Asteroids.

This nerd is lucky his head is too big for the bullies to flush in the toilet.

Things this shirt could also use:

  1. Swords
  2. Brandon Sanderson novels
  3. LOTR
  4. A trench coat and sunglasses
  5. “Live long and prosper” sign
  6. Any reference to Carl Sagan

The list could go on.

What’s so nerdy about the bow-tie?
I thought bow-ties are pretty swank. Of course, using the word “swank” probably isn’t too cool either.

Flushed with the excitement of his latest discovery predicting how dinosaurs were going to become extinct Nerdasaurus took a wrong turn into the gym locker room and was never heard of again. Jockasaurus denied knowing anything about it but was later seen sporting a familiar bow tie to the Jurassic Prom.

Harui, you are SUCH a nerd. I suppose that fits for a shirt like this though. :wink:

Based upon the rather ostentatious bow-tie and ironic glasses, I think Hipstersaurus-Rex is more fitting.

With that garish combination of green and red, particularly on that polka-dotted bow tie, this is one ugly shirt!

(No, uh, no offense meant to the gentleman with the big, uh, teeth. None at all. Can I call you Rex?)

Talk about teacher’s pet.

A real nerd would have a graphing calculator and the pencils would be flipped the other way to prevent impalement… just saying… this T-Rex is more of a geek.

no slide rule?

this rex is hilarious!! most excellent design