Nerdy Laundry



uhhh beyonce?


I don’t get it.


i dont get it,…explain???


way too nerdy for me


Uh, Destiny’s Child much? LOL.


and I thought the other comedy shirt was bad, who wrote this Bruce Villanche?


what is this?? geek week!!!


ROFL - great title this time. Great description too for that matter. :slight_smile:


“We call this color: Olive With My Parents.”



I dont get it either.

I dont think woot’s ready for my money


By the time you guys get the 3XL shirts in I will have eaten my way to 5XL proportions!!!..


LOL oh man, now I cant sleep! hahahaha! Thank you!


This tshirt is great :slight_smile: This makes my 3rd wootshirt.


Wow, a shirt that’s even too geeky for me. That’s one heck of an accomplishment.


hahahaha best part


There is nothing wrong with this shirt, except for maybe the color. I was one the fence until I saw it was 3666. Then I knew.


Jelly-like ooze + ooze-like monster + zelda-like character + hideous green shirt = FAR too nerdy of a shirt for even the lowliest dork.


Sadly, that was the only good part.

This shirt failed for me.


funny - but not my style.