NERF Blasters: On the Foam Front

Nothing says holiday like blasting your relatives with some NERF. Tell us about your reindeer games you play with NERF over the holiday!

Amazon’s nerf prices jump all over the place during the holidays, from day to day. These prices are definitely better than Toys R Us, but do a quick check on Amazon before you order to make sure you’re getting the best deal. (For example, this Nerf Stampede was $20 a few days ago: )

These prices are OK, nothing special. The quoted list prices, before discount, are nuts. Toys R Us recently had a buy one get one 50% off deal which put the praxis at $20 each. I don’t think it’ll be hard to find similar deals elsewhere this holiday season, but hey it’s woot.

Prices don’t seem that special plus I seem to find the best nerf gun is also the cheapest, a blowgun made out of 2-3 feet of PVC pipe. Put a dart in one end and blow and it goes farther and more accurate than any nerf gun out there.

The Nitefinder gun is $10 at target. Not that much of a discount here.

These are actually pretty good. The kids and I use them to hunt houseflies when they get out of hand during the summer. They’re accurate enough that with some practice, you can hit a housefly from about 5 feet away.

These prices seem to be about what I paid when I got the guns at Walmart a couple years ago, though. No real deal here, especially not after shipping.

Fun fact: The Vigilon looks very much like a map of the United States when the disc loading panel is open.

I hope my nephews enjoy these as much as the monkeys in the picture do.

I’m holding out for the Nerf Nuke personally…

Get refill discs here ($28.48 inc s/h for 80 discs vs. $37 on woot) :slight_smile: you can never have too much ammo! (no idea how long shopko’s deal lasts…)

Yay! The it looks like the caped monkeys are winning battle. Hopefully, they will vanquish the masked monkeys forever.

This link sent me to Atlanta. (Area code 404, page not found.)

Does anyone have a link for the stick-on darts? I’ve got a N-strike 6 gun, and would like to find some cheap darts, prefererably with the suction cup tip.


I have the Praxis, and it is by far the best Nerf gun I’ve owned. The discs are a huge improvement over the darts. They don’t get deformed after just a few uses, and they fly fairly stable and reliably up to 50 ft (we have a huge open office that we can test these things out in!) There are simple mods that can increase distance and velocity. The action is satisfying to work. I found the removable shoulder stock to be a bit flimsy, but it provides for a more realistic play feel. Well worth it if you have kids to buy for, or have an inner kid to feed. (I’m almost 28 and still have fun with it!)

That nite finder is a great gun. Shoots harder than any other nerf gun I’ve used

The discs are wayyy better than the darts. I will never buy anything else again. For my son, I mean…

There is no deal here. Not many stores (except Toys R Us) sell these at MSRP.

I was in Target last nigth and they have the Barricade RV-10 for $13.34 (plus tax but no shipping). It’s a great little blaster with 10 round capacity. NOTE: the “clip darts” will not work properly in this gun, you will need whisler darts for this gun which NERF seems to be moving away from.

The nite-finder is a garbage piece of junk. Pick up a a Maverick RV-6 for around $10 and you get 6 shots in a revolving format instead of having to manually reload each one. WalMart had some in stock last time I was there.

I believe they are being discontinued. NERF is moving everything to the blue-and-orange color scheme for the blasters and darts.

I’m not a fan of the disc guns because of cost per replacement round, go with the darts if you anticipate losing or not retaining all of your ammo.

I bought three of these back in August and I love 'em!

Funny, they don’t fit in my dart guns. And, I LIKE these dart guns. Any more mass, it might actually harm the cats, instead of just scaring them.


I played around with the Nite Finder over Thanksgiving (my sister’s kids have one). It’s got decent power behind it, I’m sad it’s sold out.