We have a lot of Nerf wars around the office. After many, many, guns I have to say learning to throw these darts by hand is by far the best way to get a stealthy headshot at up to ~75’.

Seriously. Learn to chuck 'em sidearm.

these prices really are horrible.

ok sure i’ll edit. if you want to get a good deal buy several here. or go to walmart or other places and get one cheaper. and usually faster shipping.

Agreed, I don’t come to woot! for 10 - 30% off list. I can get these at Wal-mart for a better deal when shipping is factored in. LAME.

p.s. Not that I would ever shop at Wal-Mart mind you… hate that place but it was an easy search to find a comparable price at B&M store a mile from my house.

LOL I didn’t know L.A.M.E was a banned word…

RE: Plus prices

The Plus deals often can offer the same discount you’re used to seeing on our daily deals. This can be due to many factors. We are lower than Amazon on every one and you will get a better deal by loading up your cart with more than one item.

Totally dude,

All my kids friends come over for a full out NERF War, and i just pick up a handful and start pegging them. Never have to use stupid reloading and never get jams.

To save money off of these, you would have to buy at least 3 items due to each item being about $2-3 off and there being a $5 shipping fee.

I love NERF and AIR WARRIORS. Please Woot, feature real deals on them. At least 30% off on everything.

The “Strong Arm” looks like a successor to the Maverick, which I’ve never paid more than $8 for. These prices are OK (better than TRU), but not great.

Meh. Good guns, lackluster discounts. Just keep an eye on the Target and Walmart ads, they’ll routinely do 20% - 40% off on Nerf, and no waiting on shipping! :slight_smile:

you must get tired of defending these prices.
telling people if they buy enough of something they’ll eventually save money on shipping doesn’t sound like the best way to get a deal.
not trying to give you a hard time. I actually feel bad for you at this point.

I have the old version of the FireStrike… and a friend has the old Mavrick. We pulled out all the baffles, and stretched the springs way out and put them back together. They then become loud and nasty and MUCH better firearms for the office :wink:

I am convinced that the person holding the guns in the picture is me. Either that, or my doppelganger works at Woot! I’m freaking out!

Nah, just trying to remind people that Daily <> Plus in terms of discounts. That’s always been the plan. I mean, we go for the best deal we can but when you are talking name brand, current product, you don’t have a lot of negotiating power.

Pics or it didn’t happen! I am not your doppelganger, you must be mine.

I buy a few of these as I see them throughout the year. Then when all the family is home for the holidays I bring them out and everybody has fun. Nothing says family like shooting each other with foam ammo!

I’m still finding the little darts from last year. Every time I find one it makes me smile.

We must be brothers!

Woot states the List price of the Nstrike Retaliator as $26.99 and has it ‘discounted’ to $21.99.

As far as price comparisons go, I just checked the major retailers prices:

Meijer: 23.99
Target: 23.99
Kmart: 23.74

Several of the above also list the regular price at $26.99 (NOTE: While ToysRus lists 26.99, they do price match if you find it lower)

What I see is, I am just barely saving my shipping cost by buying this for 21.99 here at Woot.

Hmmm, maybe a B&M store is the way to go, in case I need to return/exchange it? I’m all for saving shipping costs if I can buy locally. However as I stated before I joined Woot to get great deals.

If anyone finds one, please let me know. :wink:

I think he is right… you guys certainly look alike

Stop freaking out.

It’s just the bizarro you.

As long as you never meet, you’ll be O.K.

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