NERF Zombie Strike Hammer Shot Elite Toy Gun

NERF Zombie Strike Hammer Shot Elite Toy Gun

If you feel like modding it, here’s an example:

now the kids can bring Fortnite to reality.

It’s barely over 12" long, if you only had a vague sense of size here. I WILL have to come back for the modding info…


The end result is cool, but the video is 90% of some tool standing there talking. No thanks.

Bill from Punished Props certainly isn’t a tool. :roll_eyes:

Sounds like it fits to me:

I mean most of the video is the dude trying to get attention and hogging the camera. It certainly isn’t a video describing how to DIY.

You must have watched a different video, as the bulk of that five minutes is him explaining not just that, but the generalities to use in other props.

… but what ever. I ain’t yo’ mamma making you watch it.

I suppose you did say example. I was thinking it was instructional and must have missed the point.