Whar Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Mega Blaster ?

sweet. I can come here to find a smaller selection of nerf stuff than what amazon has AND pay more.

what more could I ask for?

I have well over 300 or so NERF weapons, and though this isn’t any kind of great deal on any of this stuff by any stretch, hey, it’s still NERF! That’s something I guess.

I miss the days when NERF was subtle about its violence.

From the Rapidstrike description:
“The clip holds 18 Elite Darts and it’s see-through so you always know how many rounds are left”

Guys, it’s not a clip, it’s a magazine. I’d hate to see the gun (Nerf or otherwise) that took an 18 round clip.

I think one of the older models years back actually had a clip… but yeah, NERF isn’t terribly concerned with proper nomenclature for their blasters (not guns. blasters).

Also, I think the Rough Cut is the best of the bunch. Good, solid all-around performance in a nifty package, with excellent dart-throwing capacity.

No you dont you liar.

Ha!! worded perfectly.