Nespresso Hero

I LOVE my Nespresso Pixie. Small countertop footprint, warms up in 20 seconds, perfect crema every time.

…with that said, I put a camel alert on the Pixie and it frequently drops to $179 on Amazon (plus free shipping), soooooooooooooo…not the best deal here, woot.

For reference:

Yes it seems the Mother Ship is the same price for these…

Even the manufacturer’s website has these things priced lower. Not sure what woot was thinking with this one :frowning:

Manufacturer’s site
The red pixie bundle is $179, compared to $249 here

EDIT: The manufacturer is selling their newer model, the Inissia, rather than the Pixie in their bundle. My mistake, but still far lower price. No idea what the difference in model is. The pixie bundle is $279 at the manufacturer’s site.