Nesquik Cupcake Brownie Bites Maker

One more thing to take up space on our already-overcrowded counters?

You mean a shelf warmer or a dust collector on the top of the fridge?

where does one find “Votes for the winner of Shirt.Woot Derby #1”?

Finally! I got one! Woohoo!

how did you find the first one?

Congrats! I tried ((732) + (6)) * (7) for 5166, but no luck.

Bother… Time to watch some hockey.

Me too!

732 votes, 6 Republics of the former Yugoslavia, 45 degrees in the Beds are Burning Lyrics.

(732 + 6) * 45 = 33210

Thanks. Too ‘insider-y’ for me.

Ugh, I thought 45 was in F, and rounded to 7 for C. I over-thought it.