Nest Cam Security Camera

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Nest Cam Security Camera
Price: $185
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Mar 14 to Tuesday, Mar 15) + transit
Condition: New


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The Home Depot Reviews

I have 2 dropcams which are the same product. They work great and are super reliable… only issue is having to pay for cloud DVR service on a per camera basis.

I’m a little disappointed in this deal – with shipping it’s almost back up to its standard price.

These Nest Cams are FOR THE BIRDS!

Terrific deal Woot a whole 7% of “list” price and we all know what that means, no deal.

Woot continues to spiral downward into the abyss of great ideas going bad!

what about the power cable! for some reason the black cord is always out of the picture

Completely useless without paying $120/year subscription. Samsung’s comparable unit has no subscription requirement. Nest products are ill-engineered and costly. No deal here either. Pay the extra $5 for a new one anywhere that has real customer sales support. Avoid this one.

Exactly. Actually, if they keep this up, Woot (make that Amazon) will be able to be competitive with Circuit City.


Just about everyone knows that the list price is a made-up number and should pretty much be ignored. What you want to look for is whether someone else is selling it cheaper.

Well, okay.

For what it’s worth, all of the retailers (here’s Lowes, available in-store) are $199 (exactly the same as the “made-up” list price.

I’m not going to sit here and whine about the glory days of Woot, but I’m not sure what the “deal” of the daily deal website is. If I can go to Lowes, buy this for $10 more (factoring in $5 Woot shipping), and have a hassle-free return experience, why wouldn’t I do that?

very good looking

7% off? wtf woot

$185+$5 on Woot or $182+ $5.49 from 3rd party via the mothership

WOW! 7% discount! That’s like a Buy 14, Get 1 Free special.

Why do you waste your and our time with ‘deals’ like this? This is the kind of deal that practically begs us to shop for this item elsewhere…

I have been thinking about picking these up as well so I have been looking into them for the last week or so. At first when I saw this sale I was excited, then I saw the price.

First off as was already said for this price its no deal. I would rather buy from a reseller that I can return to if i end up not being pleased with it. This virtually non existent discount doesnt make up for the lack of a return policy.

Secondly the price on 3 is just awful. Currently google has a promo where its $100 off of 3 cams. So most retailers are offering 3 cameras for $500. So you would end up paying $60 extra by buying them here.

Additionally if I end up only buying 1 or 2, I would probably just use a 10% off lowes coupon and buy them there again lower than the 7% savings here and not pay shipping and have the ability to return them if they dont meet my expectations.

If I was looking for these somewhere else, different brand etc, what would I search for? Nanny cams?