Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation

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Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation
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I have three of these, one each in three different houses. I love them, and the comfort they bring when I am in California worrying about the pipes freezing in Michigan. Look into for cool things you can do to automate them.

Some things to be aware of:

  1. They update their firmware without warning and without control. I have had no problems yet, but there are horror stories of a bad update that happened while people were away, and their furnaces got shut down.
  2. You can only define two locations in one Nest account. So, two of my thermostats appear to be in the same house. This would be OK, but if one house goes on “Away” then the other does also. That’s not good.
  3. The learning must be intended for people that keep a consistent schedule. When you travel as much as I do for work, they really never figure it out. You can turn off learning and just program them if you prefer.

$20 off. What a deal…

Been watching wifi thermostats, Amazon had Honeywell RTH9580WF on sale for $169 (few bucks more now), looks a lot nicer and better price. Honestly, I will prob get the lowly Honeywell RTH6580WF see them on ebay pretty darn cheap…

I had the lowly honeywell that you point out and it sucks. The nest is very simple and for the most part just does what you need it to. The honeywell app sucks relative to the nest too. It is also not going to get new features over time.

I had a first gen nest at home, upgraded my AC to a 2 speed unit, and the first gen wouldn’t work. Moved it to our beach place where it still works great. Keep in mind that the gen 1 nest had a very different interface when I first bought it vs. now. There are more features, etc.

The 3rd gen is now in our main home as a replacement for the honeywell.

The nest is great but still lacks a ‘hold’ feature to ignore schedule changes. As a perfect example I was off last week over Christmas. I needed to just ignore the schedule and set it manually but it tries to learn the whole time.

The Gen 3 is really no different than the Gen 1 overall (minor differences) besides adding support for the multi speed compressors and a slightly larger screen. If your system supports a Gen 1 or 2 I’d just stick with those unless your Tstat is in a hall (like mine is) and you need the extra sensitivity of the 3rd gen for sensing people being home.

Being an annoying early adopter, I was all frothy about these when they were first issued. What stopped me - and always will stop me - is integration with Google.

In the big picture, this is just another data gathering device for the Google database. And, although they may appear friendly now, there’s no guarantee that they’ll not become more…utilitarian…in the future. Yes, it’s paranoid. Yes, it’s Skynet. But it’s nonetheless reasonable.

It appears that if you are in Illinois (and maybe other states?) and a customer of ComEd you can get a $100 rebate for installing one of these things. Maybe I’m paranoid too, but it occurs to me that MAYBE at some point they plan to be able to take control of your thermostat if they need to reduce A/C use on hot days or something.

When we want the Nest to hold a temperature, we change the “Away” temp and just put it on “Away”

PG&E already does that with my “free” WiFi thermostat that they provided: on days of heavy use, they make small adjustments to make sure the grid stays up. A mixed blessing.

Available on Ebay for $215 and FREE shipping.

I have the top of the line color Honeywell touchscreens and sometimes yearn for the data reporting that I hear is available to the nest users. Specifically total run time and at what times the AC or Furnaces are running. I have two furnaces and ACs and am always curious as to which is using more energy and at what times of the day/night.

I’ve wanted a Nest ever since the first generation rolled out, but I always hesitated pulling the trigger. This time, with a $20 price break coupled with a $20 coupon from Woot! in my hip pocket (from another purchase issue that Woot! graciously resolved), it was easy. Several friends and family have the Nest in their homes and all give excellent reviews. I don’t think you can go wrong, even at full price.

I’ve owned fhe 1st Gen for around 3 years now. After the first year of “getting to know each-other” it has proven to be the singlemost important device in my home in terms of energy savings. Mine is located in a virtually unused dining room and the auto away feature works just fine (senses natural electromagnetic activity to know when u are home or away) so any thought on needing a 3rd Gen to allow that function to work is false. We even have 4 dogs and it has learned not only our behaviors & tendencies but amazingly bypasses the dogs and will go to auto away generally within an hour or two.
Bottom line, save your money on the Gen 3 and seek out 1 or 2. It’s worth the money regardless but might Well save a few more bucks. Btw…last winter which happened to be one of the coldest on record in CNY for quite some time saw us spending the least ever on utilities! The app makes it so easy to tinker with and find that right combo to save you big $$. Of course like anything if you set it and forget it, you will still see some savings but expect it to pay for itself in 5-7 years vs. 1-2 if u become an avid user and pay attention to your NEST reports