Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation

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Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation
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Here are some reviews from BestBuy

Very Good Reviews over at Home Depot

Great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at

Loved mine, but it is picky about networking, pass if you run DDWRT or Tomato, also if you use a WiFi access point give up now! I moved to EcoBee, not as pretty but way more robust networking ability.

I love it.

Warranty says 1 year from Nest, but click on the link and it says 2 years warranty (which is what Nest offers when you buy direct from the Nest website). Which is it? The warranty link also says that the warranty is extended to 5 years if installed by a certified Nest Pro. Does that hold true when purchased from Woot?

I’ve had 2 for at least 2-3 years. Efficient, saved money on heat and A/C. This is a great price; they retail for $250. Love them!

Had the Nest thermostat for several years. Great unit, looks and operation fairly simple. Love the fact I can see my daily energy usage. The UI for Android is improving BUT, the tech support is not as sophisticated as the unit is. Had several software issues and had to find the answers off message boards and not NEST boards.

I have one…works great with DDWRT on a LINKSYS router. Also check out Nest’s website for rebate from energy companies. In Chicago $100 rebate from ComEd and $25 from gas company.

Was easy to replace my existing thermostat (beige, flip down cover, programmable) but I do know someone that had to have an electrician run an extra low voltage line because his existing thermostat did not have one.

why happens if Wifi goes out, like it does when you have Comcast.

I run DDWRT on my Netgear WNR3500L and have used the Nest for several years now. Never any issue with the connection.

It runs just fine… you just can’t access it video wifi.

This thermo needs a different frame of mind then others. While you can turn off the learning mode so that it can simply be a set and forget device, it’s real difference is that it encourages you too (at least initially) change the temp to suit your lifestyle. This can tend to go away from conventional thinking that you should not change the thermo at your whim. You don’t want to go to extremes but this is how it learns what is comfortable for you.

Very nice price on a very nice thermostat. This is the generation you need (3) if you have a two stage furnace. Make sure you already have a common wire run. Go to the Nest site and enter in your current wiring to make sure it will work for you.

First off - LOVE MINE! I have saved over 500 bucks on my electric bill since installing it last September. Well worth the investment.

I would encourage you to go to the NEST Website to verify that your existing system will work with the NEST Thermo (not all systems do)

Great Unit - no real change from the Gen2 unit that I have. The price isn’t BAD, but don’t believe it’s great. I got a $50 off $250 coupon from lowes (pad your order), and then a $25 rebate from my energy company.

Over the last year, I’ve seen my energy bill decrease in my house built in 1941, by quite a bit. Do I attribute it to the nest? Kind of… I also insulated the upstairs a lot better.

What I do like is the monthly reports, the visual feedback when you’re saving energy, and the humidity sensor too. Away mode is great too for saving a few bucks.

Yes, it runs with DDWRT routers.

One thing that bugs me was the Airwave feature. From what i can tell it has NEVER worked. This was a feature I was intrigued by since it might save money in the summer, but I have zero evidence that it worked.

Overall I would get one if I was in the market, but maybe not from Woot, given readily available coupons from big box stores.

Does anyone know if an I can still get the Xcel Energy rebate if I buy through Woot? Would love to double dip.

No problems with DD-WRT on my TP-LINK TL-WR841N with the Nest. Common wire isn’t absolutely necessary is most situations. Mine worked fine prior to having a common wire run up from the basement.

However, some installations do require a common wire: