Nest Secure Alarm System

Nest Secure Alarm System

This price has definitely caught my interest!!

Can anyone weigh in with their experience with Nest Secure, especially regarding security and home automation options? I’ve been with Vivint since 2015/2016 and I believe our equipment has finally been paid for. Been underwhelmed and frustrated trying to add gadgets to the system in the past, so I’m looking for lower monitoring costs and better integration with my Google-centric smarthome stuff.

I love it. We bought it from Lowe’s about 5 or 6 months ago along with a Nest Hello doorbell. They all integrate seamlessly with each other and with our existing nest thermostat. The Nest Guards and Detects are easy to install - the app will walk you through each step or you can watch the videos on youtube. The fobs are a huge draw - I can give them to my parents while I’m out on vacation or a friend and have them check on a pet or water plants, etc. Watch the official youtube videos - I was convinced. And this price is close to or either beats any price I saw while I was shopping for them.

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Thank you for weighing in!