Nesting Metal Containers

What??? The square containers hold the same things as the round containers from yesterday??? How can this be???

Perfect to match with the earlier Woot.

I hope they don’t have many of these, we could be here a while

Does this come with chalk?

looks like we have about nine more to go.

I think they’re neat, but would look really awkward next to my Hello Kitty toaster.

There were only three of the round ones last night and I gave up and went to bed…hope square is a more popular shape.

Oh… wait…

These are awesome! They stack! They hold stuff… like stuff from woot-offs! Buy 3!!

How well does she make toast?

Chalk will come in the BoC.

The toast is better than you would expect - it does leave Kitty’s face outline burned into the toast, so slightly squishy in the middle.

A bit squishy aside, that’s pretty awesome. That would make my mornings.

After you!

how do you know?

there was only one sold at the time (first wooter was last wooter, and stats said 100% bought one) and the bar looked about 10% gone, so i figured about ten total.

Total was 9, i was one off.

Oops. Too Late…