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I bought the WD WDBMRD0000NBL MyNet Wireless-AC Wi-Fi Ethernet Bridge from WOOT! back in January. DOA. I returned it. I wasn’t alone. Read my & other comments from back then.
Caveat emptor.

I run one at home… I think something is underpowered, it really does not perform when you have a lot of wireless traffic. For light use it seems to be good - one single stream of video, a couple of browsers. Two seperate wireless streams of video seems to be too much for it. The antenna range is not so great … I’m not sure WD was ready to go in the network business.

I hate it when people write a bad/good review of a product but don’t specify which of the 6-7 routers they bought. “I bought it back whenever” doesn’t really help anyone.

I bought two of the Buffalo N600 routers. Put dd-wrt onto one of them and my girlfriend’s office has been using it for a few months. I have been thinking about getting the WD N750 since I know it supports openwrt and have heard that it is pretty nice once you change the firmware.

Duly noted. I updated my POST to identify the WD WDBMRD0000NBL MyNet Wireless-AC Wi-Fi Ethernet Bridge. Mea culpa.

Thank you!

I bought 2 of the Western Digital N750’s April 5th,
& had both up, running & updated in 15 minutes flat.

There’s an installation CD to automatically log you into each new router to set the name & password.

We put one in a dedicated game room, the other is downstairs since the(rented) combo-router from Comcast is spotty.

Overall a great purchase so far for $20each

The description of the “Buffalo Technologies WMR-300 AirStation N300 Wireless Travel Router” doesn’t state in simple terms what the device actually does. I get that it’s a router, and I understand what a router does, but this whole “on-the-go” thing, and “Set up a personal Wi-Fi hotspot or create a secure wireless network anytime on-the-go” just isn’t pushing any of my buttons. Here are some specific questions for anyone who’d like to answer:

Can this be used without an Internet connection? For example, for a bunch of gamers to network laptops without actually needing to go online?

Would there be a way to use this to capitalize on the personal hotspot feature of an iPhone? For example, at a DJ event, where I have 4G/LTE, but not WIFI, could I use this to create my own, secure WIFI network that I could connect several devices through to the Internet, and/or share files among the devices?

I have a G5 PowerPC and would like to get it wifi. This has been a difficult task as previous Air Port cards have not worked. Which of the routers listed would be to most likely to succeed in allowing me to have WIFI to my network?

PS I am aware that I could simply connect by CAT5 ethernet to the router, but it is at too great a distance from the pc.

cat 5’s distance limit is 100 meters, much longer than what you can get with wifi. plus, the speed is 1gbps on ethernet while your aircard could max out at 56mbps

Stupid (maybe) question from a router novice. Currently I am using a Verizon USB modem plugged into a Cradlepoint router for my home wifi network. The several years old Cradlepoint was quite expensive because it was one of the few routers that had a USB input port at that time. Can the USB ports on these WD routers be used for a USB modem, or they only for other devices (storage, etc)?

In theory the N750 should work fine after flashing with an alternate firmware like Gargoyle. I have this model router and have flashed it, but have yet to test the functionality.

See bug fixes listed here: