Netgear 108Mbps RangeMax MIMO Wireless Router and PCMCIA Card Bundle

Anyone have that list of items that have been in the woot off already? Thanks

having dealt with both, I like Belkin’s Pre-N MIMO Router waaaaaay more than this one - plus you can grab it for $59.99 from if you use the discount code “12345” :stuck_out_tongue:

oh wait, nevermind, BUY BUY BUY, IT’S A WOOT OFF!!!

a COMPLETE Listing of all woot-off items can be found here

This is a good router. I bought it a while back and have had no problems with it.

Netgear for over $100 - no thanks.

thanks for the links

I’m avoiding MIMO for now, don’t know if it will still work when they standardize ‘n’.

I mean, I’m getting 3, and so should everyone else!

5/4 of people can’t do fractions

this stinks, i get these returned all the time

Does any one know if this could be used as a kind of repeater for an existing network? I have one, but it doesn’t work that great from my second floor to my basement. If this puppy could go in between the locations and give me speed, more speed, I’m in.

woot? recent wireless technology? what? those never are paired together!

Anyone worked with the VPN connection on these? Does it work with stock XP? I.e. when I’m on the road can I VPN into my home network?

What is this world coming to if it takes longer to sell off a router kit than a bread maker.

$59 + $77 = grand total $136 before shipping on Froogle.
I’d say pretty sweet if your in the market.

I had Linksys that wouldn’t get signal from home office to living room, so I changed to Netgear based on their baloney on the website, and it’s doesn’t work any better.

OK if this is your first attempt at wireless, but don’t buy it and replace another existing network thinking you will get better performance.

where the hell does roxs0r come from and what does it mean…give me the history mang!

Just click on the community button at the top and then the woots and you will see it.

I’ve had lots of bad experience with netgear’s wireless routers, though I’ve never used this model.

Thank you Golfgod!

I got one and works great with my VPN. We have a Nortel VPN and it required no special config.

This is much better than my old USR 8054 router. Much better range. You do not need a MIMO card to connect to this router, but it is better.

I highly recommend.