Netgear 54 MBPS Wireless USB Print Server with 4-Port Switch

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Netgear 54 MBPS Wireless USB Print Server with 4-Port Switch, for $24.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Netgear WGPS606 54 MBPS Wireless USB Print Server with 4-Port Switch

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soooo… it’s a wireless switch with printing capabilities? cool, too bad i was really hopeing it was an actual wireless router or switch. oh well, maybe tommorow.

Not for MAC?

I’m curious… Could this be used to hook a USB webcam up to a wireless networked computer? It’s not for spying purposes - I promise!

darn, not a router :confused: nm then

FYI this product can also use WPA-PSK network encryption according to its product page on Netgear website. Maybe you’ll have to update the firmware first.

i own one of these, bought it a couple years ago for around 70 bucks or so new. this is a good price, even refurb. love this thing, litterally set it and forget it.

i only recently started using it’s print function, it’s pretty simple to set up, but only allows you to use the print function of your printer, so if you have an all in one you’ll lose the other features.

it’s great for catching a wifi signal and then allowing you to connect computers close by with a hard line. that’s my main use. i wanted my own wired network on my parents wireless network so i can transfer files across my personal machines much quicker. i’ve only ever had to restart it one time since i’ve owned it after it lost it’s ip to our router, and that’s in 2 years. otherwise i basically set it up the day i got it and never had to mess with it again.

nice to see that Idaho is the state that needs these most ( with Illinois and Missouri close in the running)

Can this be used with an HP all-in-one?

I bought one of these on WOOT a year or two ago. I’ve been using it ever since without any issues. I have all my computers connected to this or to another switch connected to this using Ethernet, and so I only have this one device using wireless to connect to my router. I get the speed and security of Ethernet and only have to use wireless where absolutely necessary. I’ve never bothered using the print server capabilities so can’t speak to their utility.

Morning, all. Not a comment, but a question - why do I want this? What does this do that you can’t do by labeling your printer a network printer? Thanks for answer…

Good Deal :

$88.24 shipped here so sounds good even if refurb.

Here is a howto to configure this to work under Linux (i.e. to print on it from a Linux PC).

Given the settings used I’m pretty sure that this print server will also work with a Mac (but don’t whine if it turns out it doesn’t ;-))

cool way to extend wireless into another room that has several computers (without buying wireless cards)

Free up a USB on your PC ? ha ha ha ha

I hate you woot, I’ve sort of kind of been looking for a print server. Now that I’m lacking in extra funds, you put one up.

In for 1!

I wanted to know if the USB capability would allow me to add an external USB hard drive that I could use like a NAS? It would be nice because I only have 1 printer I use and the other USB slot could be used for other things…

In for 1… need to get my printer off of my computer desk… It’s going in my closet now… out of sight, out of mind… plus I can run an ethernet cable to my xbox360 and save a bundle by not having to buy a wireless adapter! Plus they’re a deal @$30!