Netgear 54Mbps Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter


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Woot, you tease. Need a darn thumb drive cuz mine got mangled yesterday…sold 2 different ones last night when I was sleeping, and this looked so close when it popped up. Please don’t make me go to Office Max. LOL

With my luck, it will pop up when I’m in the shower or stuck in traffic this cruddy rainy morning. :slight_smile:

Refurbished , and they do not come with the software cd. They ask you to download the software, if you are wanting to connect your laptop to the network you need the software to down load the soft ware. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

That is just nasty!! I almost gagged on my coffee!

how do u know how much of somethin they have???

should get back to studying…

I’ve bought these in the past as re-furbs, work great for me. The only problem I’ve run intp it that it changes the way you login to windows (if you have a login) it uses the window sigh-in rather than the blue-screen-select-your-user login

They just had a 8GB Kingston

No but I do know that according to wootalyzer (which is not always accurate) %30 of the stock has been sold.

I didn’t think anyone still needed these?!?!?


yeah, me too

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i use them on my desktop, as I hate running a cable across my room in my apartment.