Netgear 8 Port 10/100 Switch

this made me late for work -.-

hmm interesting

not worth it, if you ask me

rats - I have several of these I need to eBay or throw away… all GB LAN now…


SIgh. I am late too.

This made me late LEAVING work - even worse

I was almost late myself. Sigh

Bleh I have a 8 port Netgear 10/100/1000Mb switch got it for about $60 2 years ago

At least I picked a good week to go on vacation… hah. Still looking to be de-wootinized… sigh.

you should puit your job ad live off your looks like me… also take a lot of prozac

A killer if I ever saw one! They prob. got 18,952 of these!


_Justin S

p.s. why do they have a woot off on the day I have all my classes… any other day of the week I have like an hour of class… today, classes from 9-11 and 2-930… guess it is bring you child to work day for me O:-):-P.


Sexy switch y’ got there…

Not so great.

Well, this one should last long enough for me to take a shower and not come back and miss much.

What??? No token ring?

man this is sad…Im thinking about carom3d for awhile…