Netgear 802.11g Networking Bundle



Oh yeah people, now THIS is a deal!


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Froogle Link $19.99 Minimum X 2 = 39.98

Yahoo! Shopping Link $5.95 Minimum X 2 = $11.90

Shopzilla Link $27.00 Minimum X 2 = $54.00


BizRate LInk for Router… 22 stores from $26.50

BizRate Link for Adapter… 21 stores from $32.68

Shopzilla Link for Router… 47 stores from $26.50

Shopzilla Link for Adapter… 33 stores from $27.00

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If refurbed well, this is obviously a great deal.



is that good?


ahhh… if it were only 108mps


my roommate had this router and it broke after about 1 week.


Eh, Netgear is kind of crappy… Still might be in for one…


Now THIS is a deal, those little USB dongles are usually $15-$20 a piece and teh router like $30-40…snap this one up!!


great woot! Netgear routers are real reliable. Thanks and good night


a little pricy for the refurbished-ness…



Now THIS is a deal, those little USB dongles are usually $15-$20 a piece and teh router like $30-40…snap this one up!!


havnt we seen this like a hundred times? o well, i like wireless!


WPA, 802.11g, I can’t wait to read the hater posts now. This actually seems decent.


Can this be used as a repeater for an existing Linksys router??? (Or any other brand for that matter?

Do the dongles require drivers or are the pretty much plug and play (ie: tivo use)



too bad pcmcia is the way to go for notebook wireless,

i say you wait for a super-g router, you know 108mbps


I’ve got the USB wireless adapters from a woot a little while ago working full time these days. Great range even in my office building, and they even work great on my old P166 laptop connected through its built in usb 1.1 port. Its running win2k and the software for the wireless adapter keeps a very low profile in memory.


They are plug (install the first time) and play!


not too good. i have this same bundle. it is very slow. i bought the linksys wireless b bundle on woot the other day and linksys B is seeming faster than this netgear G.

id go buy a linksys G if i were you. and if i had money for it. anyone wanna buy the linksys B from me?


Not bad, but I already own the router. Don’t own the USB adapters, though.
Great router, works well for my purposes. Good signal, etc. Very cool woot, but not for me. :confused:


Almost 5x faster than B. But then again, if you’re just surfing the web you won’t notice much difference except for possibly range. File Transfers would be almost 5x faster from computer to computer on the LAN. G is the standard for right now, can’t wait till N comes out!