Netgear 802.11g USB 2.0 Wireless Adapter


Okay – I am SO not awake.

first I missed the email last night, so was completely surprised by the woot off this morning.

then I kept watching the bar on the dang wireless router thinking “isn’t it going the wrong way”.

Not a morning person.

Omg screw mccain. I hate that tool, stop posting that picture!

Aargh! How about a wireless n adapter to go with the Wireless N router?

I have one of these, it takes a few minutes (up to 20) to find the wireless signal but when it does it works fine and stays connected.

Couldn’t we have had an N dongle to go with that N router? I mean, it stands to reason… So disappointed =/

If I plugged this into my Xbox 360…

think it’d work? It beats paying $50 for the official one

does it blend?

These are the worst !!! They are all over the net. They should be $1 w/ free s/h

oh wtf

Dang that was quick.

McCain - Bush’s Third Term

Ugh, politicians are all liars, stop with the stupid propaganda! Besides, on the campaign trail there’s no time for a Woot-off!

Deja Vu

hmm- I paid $45 for one of these a couple years ago.
Except for the sticker that peeled off, it still works fine!

The wifey got a laptop and I’m giving her desktop to the kids-
I removed the Netgear Wireless Adapter last night- no pr0n for them!!
neener neener

No but it FLOATS

that was easy…

… it’s the first post every time. good luck and happy woot off