Netgear 802.11g Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter



Booooo Have one!


Finally another item!


Getting 3 for my wife for the holidays!


after the sansa this is like rubbing salt into an open wound…


Will this work on my Mac?


Gah. Woot, you killed my dreams.


Do not need want or anything else!!!


excellent item. i use two, and they’ve worked faultlessly.


give us something good


No kidding; if you need one of these, it’s a great deal. I have one, and it works like a charm in all sorts of environments.


No it doesn’t work with a Mac


Hey guys, these go great with a SANSA MEDIA PLAYER!
Everyone pick one up quick (especially those of you that bought the sansas!)


I’m in for 3


Will this work to connect my HD Tivo to my home network?


refurb … that’s a shame


I got one of these as my first Woot ever earlier this year. Works well. I keep the drivers for it on a usb drive and use the combination of these two to setup new systems at home when I build them.


Want one…but not a refurb. I have issues with refurbs.


This will be perfect for my Operation: Christmas Child box.


wasnt this already up during the start of woot off???