NETGEAR AC3200 Nighthawk Tri-Band WiFi Router

I cannot speak to the refirbs, but I have owned this router for about 2 years. It is one of the best routers out there and when I bought it new, they were around $300 street price.

This router has all the features any home user would need and would satisfy the needs of most small businesses.

I live in a rural area, but still have access to 300+ megabit cable service. The router keeps up with this speed easily to any device with an 802.11ac adapter.

By far the best router I have owned. DD-WRT also can be installed one these. If you are asking yourself what DD-WRT is, rest assured that this router, even with stock firmware, will be all you need for many years to come.

Can anyone speak to the current state of security on these? I know Netgear went through a bit of a rough patch with these for a while but I can’t seem to find any good current information.

Can this be used as a range extender for an existing network?

Netgear products now look like Stealth drones from Terminator 6.

…oops wrong post to reply to.

I bought this router from Costco ~4 months ago. When I first got it, I was having to power-cycle it every 24 hours. That was annoying. The wifi would show connected but it was no longer connected to the internet. However, after the first 2-3 weeks i think the hardware “broke in” and now I haven’t had to reset it since. Before ever using it, I upgraded the firmware and made sure it was all up to date. The previous firmware was the one that everyone said caused theirs to need constant power-cycling.

Now my hardwired desktop pulls the same up/down speed as any wireless device on the 5g network. This thing is incredible. Plus I can walk ~30-40 yards from my house and still be connected.

Is this a leftover prop from the Batcave set?

If I say yes, will you buy it?

The product page on Woot
said “Warranty: 1 Year Netgear” when I ordered the item

The product box has a sheet from Netgear " Refurbished Product Limited Warranty" stating that it has a limited 90/90 warranty.

I knew going in that this was refurbished. However, the 1 year Netgear warranty (per your web page) was a critical factor in my deciding to order this from you.

What gives?


I’m very sorry. I’m checking with the computer team now to see why we have something different than the product.

In the meantime, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I got an email from Woot Customer Support assuring me that the warranty is for 1 year.
“If Netgear denies warranty, you can show them this email as a confirmation from Woot!.”

Lets hope it never comes to that “he said … she said” moment!!

Was I the only one with this question/discrepancy?
You must have sold hundreds of these…

Hello again. Woot customer service sent an email to all customers assuring you that we will cover the remainder of the warranty so you will still get a full one-year warranty.