NETGEAR N600 Wireless-N Dual Band Router

Easy breezy to install DD-WRT. I have one, and after a DD-WRT update, you can turn it up to 11.

I bought this last time it was offered. All my older PCs started getting BSOD when trying to use the encrypted connection. In unencrypted mode I didn’t see any real speed increase over my old D-Link.

Might be a problem with your ISP then, not the router
the router can’t create internet, its only a medium

I’ve had two Netgear wireless routers (not this particular model) and they’ve both worked great. Only downside to Netgear is they typically don’t work with Open Source firmwares.

Can I turn off firewall,etc. and just use as dumb router to extend wireless to parts of the house not served by my SBG900?

beat me too it.

not for anybody that needs to do backups between stations.

Than what? 802.11y? WiMAX?
Seriously, in clear space N+ can get you 250m

Are you using a cordless phone. It could be caused by interference since many cordless phones uses 2.4GHz same frequency as wifi.

When in doubt, always blame Comcast. Has worked for me, FiOS 4 L!

I own this router. It works pretty well when paired with a gigabit switch.

One thing to note is the lights on the top, they are annoyingly bright. The blue “gem” is actually a button that turns these lights OFF

This is great! Been looking to replace my three year old NetGear router with something with a little more oomph!

Link to previous wooting at same price on 11/1/2011

Cables? Why would anyone need cables at home? My next fridge will probably be wireless, for whatever reason you network your fridge for, so I won’t care what speed the wired ports are. In for 1!

That is very unlikely, and DECT specifies 1.9Ghz.

I own this one…works great!.. LOVE the blue lights

Bit of a bottleneck, no?

Try changing the channel. I had that problem when I first configured it but I changed the channel from 6 to 11 and it works like a charm. Also, does your laptop/phone/whatever support 5GHz connections? Nothing should interfere with the connection if you are able to use it. Again, check the channels.

Just sorta made that up right there, didn’t you

Mine is starting to show it’s age, and the number of times it’s been knocked off the counter.

To bad It’ll need to be broken before it gets replaced.

This router runs perfect with my Extreme 50/10 internet from Comcast (recently upgraded to 50/20.) I have multiple devices that easily connected to it after I went through the setup, which I was not impressed with, although I know of others that felt opposite of me. The router is stylish, way better than my old router I used to have with DSL. I’m a hardcore gamer, as is my brother, therefore we needed something that could handle 2 to 3 concurrent connections.

The router handles the bandwidth perfectly. Both of us were playing and it was if I were still directly connected to my modem. He even had a download running at 1.5 MB/s and my ping was untouched while surfing the web and on Youtube (which uses upload.)

If you’re having problems with simultaneous gaming or mutlitasking on the router, you either have a defective router, or you just can’t accept the fact you don’t know how to set up things and would rather blame the equipment for your own stupidity.

The con is that blinking light is ridiculously big and bright.