NETGEAR N750 Dual Band Router

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NETGEAR N750 Dual Band Router
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I paid full price for this router about two years ago and must say it’s a solid performer. We live in a 1,800 square foot house and our living room is in the center of the house, I have this mounted high up on the wall behind the TV and the router blankets the whole house in Wi-Fi. No dead spots, and even decent coverage for the backyard.

Cannot find this router in OpenWRT list of hardware. Without openwrt support this is simply not that useful.

DD-WRT is available for this router

Looks like OpenWRT is too:

Ok, you guys convinced me. Besides I needed a new one and this one is $51.00 on the mother ship.

Where are you seeing that this is a WNDR4300? I want to buy a couple of these but I want to be sure…

[edit] I found it on the Netgear website - we’re good. Thanks.

I bought this same router in Oct 2015 from the mothership for just under $100.

It has been going strong since. We get great reception/speed and only have to extend on part of our second floor (router is in basement office).

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a second.

FYI Per the openwrt wiki only version 1 of the router is openwrt compatible, version 2 is a no go.

I have this from about 2 years ago or so. It’s been great. It has to reach through 2 solid walls to get to our bedroom and the Roku TV does 4k great, our phones get a great signal. It’s been a good router. It’s time for an upgrade but for that price it does a fine job!

What are people using for modems with this? We are out in the country with DSL (no cable available) with the AT&T modem/router combo.

As someone below pointed out, only version 1 is supported by OpenWRT, perhaps someone can tell us whether this one is v1 or v2? Both have an Atheros CPU, which is good but for v2 the OpenWRT page has only question marks for the USB controller etc.

DD-WRT still leaves a bad taste in my mouth so I am reluctant to rely on them.