Netgear N750 Dual Band Wi-FI Router

Dear Computers.Woot! Representative,

On the Features tab, the following is stated:
• This product is a Router ONLY. Modem not included.

While on the Specs tab, the following is stated:
• N750 Cable Modem Router (C3700)

Perhaps Woot intended to state on the Specs tab that the product is

• N750 Router (WNDR4300)?

Please advise.

Thank you.

I had a gaming version of this router (or it could’ve been the 4500), bought in 2012 at a retail store on clearance for about $90. A few months ago, one of the radios went out (the 2.4GHz, unfortunately, I could’ve lived without the 5G, but some of our devices need 2.4). So, it lasted about 6 years of continuous on-time, pretty good for a router. My previous router was a Belkin, lasted 4 or 5.

I used the ReadyShare maybe once or twice, could see it being handy if I actually did back-ups. I never subscribed to any of their other services.

I have since picked up their 3400 version from a thrift store for $10, but $20 for a new router is tempting.

I really like the fact that this router is on the approved list for DD-WRT firmware upgrade.

Nice being able to upgrade the router’s features if you need something the factory firmware does not come with. With this model having 128mb of RAM and 128mb of Flash memory you have plenty to use when configuring features Netgear left out.