NETGEAR Nighthawk AX8 Router

NETGEAR Nighthawk AX8 Router

Who does the refurbishing?

Looks like Darth Vader’s router.

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“Cargo shuttle SW-0608 requesting a landing pad.”


New, these things are going for $352…Renewed, $269 on the mothership. On Newegg, they’re like $379, but backordered, which I find strange since they’re getting only 3 out of 5 stars on ratings.

Hello. This is refurbished by one of our 3rd party vendors.

“Meanwhile, Finn takes delivery of his new router…”

In November Costco sold these brand new for $216.49.

If Costco can sell these new for $216, I am pretty sure Woot/Amazon can do better than $220 refurbished.

I also don’t like refurbished over factory reconditioned. Routers have short shelf lives and high failure rates in general. I would avoid refurbish especially at this price.

I see someone mentioned the price issues. I don’t have the AX8 but did pick up the AX12.

Let me share the AX12 has been rock solid since I installed it on Feb 22, 2020. It did have to be updated but the system worked without me having to do anything other than use it’s web interface, click through a lot of things and it’s done.

Pricey thing this AX12 and folk dis on whether it is or is not WiFi 6. Still seems to be a top notch router and not having to reboot it from time to time is a big bonus. These things should just sit there and do their job.

In a break from my tradition of simple WiFi hotspot names I labeled this one as best I could.
Ready? Here it comes: “5G COVID-19 TRACKING TOWER”.