Netgear Open-Source 54Mbps Wireless-G Router

I have one of these and its terrible… Have to reset it ones a day…

Hey! The exact router I’m using to refresh these pages!

woot killer

Wireless G? NO thanks

Where’s my wireless N? That’s where its at.

How many ports?

me too!!!

Respiffed piece of CARP…

Only get it if you throw DD-WRT on it.


Place crap bags in company latrines so those orders can be “filled”. To this end, the company will provide free lunch today from El Feo, the filthiest burrito joint in Dallas. Do your worst, guys.

does it support dd-wrt? i’m too lazy to search

justdeals has a wireless N netgear router for 44 bucks…yawn…

Are all songs unlocked??? of do I have to unlock them?

Are they easy to program? It sounds kinda scary. I’m not gonna go for it. Of course, I’ll bet people write programs for them that you can download, and just flash onto the router, right?

I have one like it, its craaaaaaap!

someone buy so we can move on…take one for the team

nuts to that