Netgear Open-Source 54Mbps Wireless-G Router

How can I refresh? I am such a technophobe!

Should I??? I’ve spent 25 bucks on stupider stuff…

For all who said “where is the N?”

…I’m with you.

woot offs are exciting.

If you don’t have a wireless-G router and aren’t looking to upgrade to Wireless-N by now …

Yeah TAKE ONE!!! hahahah

$25??? Netgear??? Price is too high…

oh yeah, do it!

Why do I get the feeling here that “open source” means fix it yourself??





does the work with guitar hero, rock band… or both???

1 2 3 carp


Then yes. We’d all appreciate it.

I think that it does. I am not a fan of netgear though. They must have made a bad batch around here, as they don’t pass the DNS to the clients attached to them. THey SUCK!!

People with NO WOOTS shouldn’t tell people to buy stuff… O.o
Just a thought.