NETGEAR Orbi AC3000 Whole Home Tri-band WiFi System

NETGEAR Orbi AC3000 Whole Home Tri-band WiFi System

My opinion is that nobody should buy this unless you know what you are doing.

Spending over three hundred on a router that cannot into WiFi 6 doesn’t make sense anymore.

In a couple of years, we will start seeing WiFi 6E devices that will into 6GHz WiFi.

The only reason I can think of to buy this is if you have a huge home or want to otherwise cover a huge area maybe like a huge backyard or something? Probably was obvious but just wanted to call it out.


I’ve owned an orbi mesh setup for a few years so I have experience instead of an opinion. This is a great mesh router setup for pros or noobs - even if you don’t know what you are doing setup is very easy. Mesh routers are great if you have dead spots in your house or want to cover a large area or multiple floors. It would be silly to wait for 6ghz wifi, because it has the same theoretical top speed as 5ghz wifi, and by the time wifi 6e devices become widely available you’ll be ready for a new router anyhow - that’s probably obvious but just wanted to call it out.

Price is about par for mesh wifi setups these days, I paid much less but that was a few years ago.


FWIW, this isn’t a true mesh system but rather a hub and spoke satellite system. All the satellites have to be able to connect to the main router. You won’t be able to daisy chain in a straight line out your backyard, for instance. They’re great for doing back-haul on a separate band but know what you’re getting.


I don’t think that’s right. It may have been the case when RBK50 was introduced, but a firmware update from a few years ago enabled mesh setup.

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The recent reviews for this is frighteningly bad. Not sure at this price if it is worth the risk.

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I’ve purchased and installed several Orbi systems including this one. I am a frequent contributor to various technical forums, including ones that help beginners with their set ups when they have issues.

When these were released, they were the fastest mesh routers you could buy.

They are also notoriously buggy - especially depending on the firmware release you got. In some cases, users have to manually update firmware versions on the satellites because the auto update feature wouldn’t find the newest release. These also do not work with Wi-Fi calling - specifically, when you walk around your house and your phone switches between satellites, it will drop the call. I’ve tested a dozen systems and only eero will hold the call (which tend to not be as fast of a performer, but much more stable).

My general advice is if you want a bulletproof, stable system these are not for you. But if you want speed and extensibility - and are comfortable with some manual tweaking, they’re great.


I have this system. For average everyday use it is great. I’m a Dad, with a family and I just want reliable wifi throughout my house without too much of a headache. This does the trick. There have been some bumps along the way . . . I use the Circle app that comes with it to try to keep a handle on the kids’ internet usage. That service was down due to an update sometime last year(?) . . . so the kids has free reign on screen time for a week :slight_smile: The latest issue has been having to shut down the main unit every week or so, but the app showed I was due for a firmware update. We’ll see how that goes.

Everything is controllable through the app on your phone. The firmware updates happen in the background.

All that being said, two issues over a couple of years where basically I didn’t have to do too much to resolve it? I’m pretty happy. I’d still recommend it.

I have this system. I got it mainly to be able to stream via Wi-Fi from my NAS drive to my Nvidia Shield to play movies on Plex. Also, getting a signal to the basement two floor down was not possible. I was using a powerline system for that but it was pretty slow. This has worked well for me. I’m able to stream 4K movies without any issues. I also have no problems hooking up Wi-Fi to my outside video security cameras. I realize that there is newer tec out there but so far this has been working well for me. I have 29 devices hooked up and no issues.

There are firmware updates, I suggest you go to their website download to your PC and do it that way. I’ve found that sometimes when you check for updates with the web app it will say no updates but going to the Netgear website support section there is one.

is this a good deal ?

i have some doubts about it.

If this is the place, I’d be interested in hearing your recommendations.

Got a refurb a while back from Woot. I don’t have a large house but an old house. Thick walls meant no wifi outside and greatly reduced speeds inside. The Orbi has been the best investment in my network. Firestick on the screened front porch can finally get a consistent signal. Orbi also was able to feed the 400+ speed from my Internet provider on wired devices. Old router would only let around 200 through…

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Purchased refurb RBK43 a few weeks ago for the parent’s smallish, OLD house. Thick walls w chicken wire… only internet available is slow so these are overkill but it is so nice to have no dead spots. Their offices are in the basement and top floor and no way to run wires upstairs. Also got the 3 pack to haul one outside which gives coverage way out. Install was fine w the app, updates worked 1st try. Hasn’t gone down in the 2 weeks since turned on! Satisfied.

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3 years now and still very happy 32 devices connected wireless and 10 wired getting Ethernet at the satellites is a nice bonus plenty of speed blankets my house with strong WiFi It’s the first router I never have to restart over time no it’s not cheap but frankly if you have a large house this system will get to every nook and cranny

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I agree that you shouldn’t buy an outdated product. You can find a similar system with 802.11ax (WiFi6) which is a much better technology and has the latest technology including WPA3.

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I’m torn about this deal. I bought one of these systems last year and love it. Our Orbi has one main unit and one satellite unit so I have one upstairs and one downstairs. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t wait for the wifi 6 version which is out now. I will be updating eventually, but you can find the new Wifi 6 version for around $350.

Well, I’d first like to point out that some of the pictures on this listing are for and RBR20 (and RBS20) NOT the RBR50 (RBS5) that is listed. (The RBK53 is simply the name for a “kit” that has an RBR50 (router) and two RBS50’s (satellites). Plus, contrary to the description, the router only has 3 1gb ethernet ports (the 4th one goes to your modem) while the two satellites have the full 4 ports available.

I have had an RBR40/RBS40/RBS40v for about 6 months now and love it. Through some auctions on ebay, I’ve been able to get enough components to upgrade my system to an RBR50/RBS50 system. I have a small apartment, so it really isn’t an upgrade that I need.

I can also confirm that with the latest firmware, you can both daisy chain from one satellite to the next as well as use an ethernet connection for the backhaul from a satellite to the router (or another satellite).

I really like that I can use the 5G wifi backhaul along with a wired connection to a satellite. I have my main computer setup this way and I can’t see any difference between this and a direct wired (to the router) connection.

As to the price, this is not a bad price as it’s a little over $100 per unit. You’ll pay this much on ebay, it won’t be a new unit, and won’t be covered by NETGEAR’s warranty.

Yes, it doesn’t do wifi 6, but then unless you have some wifi 6 devices, it really isn’t an issue. Additionally, wifi 6 routers do give you multi-gigabit speeds from your ISP, but then who has that anyway? I have 200 gb service from Spectrum and my RBR40 handles this just fine. It will probably be many years before I get to the point of needing multi-gigabit service.

I have this system. It constantly drops out and loses the signal. I don’t have a really huge house either. This is the worst wireless system I’ve ever thrown money at. It’s too late for me to get a refund. Save yourself the expense. Buy something worthwhile.


Buy the nicest, newest eero you can afford. It’s rock solid, and you’ll stop thinking about wifi.

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