NETGEAR Orbi Home Mesh WiFi System

NETGEAR Orbi Home Mesh WiFi System

I bought a pair of these less than a month ago, ran setup and they were SLOW. I contacted Netgear for some assistance to NO avail. I really wanted them to work but they were slower than my original router.Unfortunately Netgear support was non existent. If you decide to purchase these good luck. I sent mine back. I worked as a Data Systems Engineer for years and consider myself to be technically savvy and cold not get any speed out of them. Again GOOD LUCK!!!

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I bought it in the past, hooked it up, took it down, sent it back. NOT any better AT ALL then my standard router and costs wayyyyyyyyyy more. Save your money, is my suggestion. The only thing this has going for it is it looks cool.

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I was looking to extend the wi-fi signal to the far side of my house, did a lot of research and tried several different things. A lot of mesh systems were too costly and too slow while cheaper things such as wi-fi extenders were too problematic. Plus the cost and effort of running new network cables was not appealing either.

What I discovered was my cable TV/internet provider’s (Comcast Xfinity) modem router has a setting called “MoCA” built into it, which extends your network over your existing coaxial cable TV wiring. They use this if you have a “whole house DVR” system, but it’s also great for extending your wi-fi. For less than $12 I picked up a MoCA wi-fi network extender from the mothership, add in a few extra bucks for a cable splitter that handles the MoCA frequencies and a filter for the incoming line to keep the network “inside” my house and now I have wi-fi everywhere. Plus it doesn’t take up any of my wireless bandwidth because all the data flows along the cable TV lines. All for less than a $30 total investment.

Now I get full wi-fi signal and speed everywhere in the house (yes, even in the bathroom…), my system is reliable, it was easy, and above all it was cheap!


I’ve had the system for nearly a year. It works boringly well. Two wireless satellites with my system, been thru two automatic firmware updates. No drama just blazingly fast speeds everywhere in my house and yard.

I have Orbi at home. Didn’t buy here, i got as brand new, not refurb.

These devices are GREAT! People with issues, may have set them up wrong.

These devices are Nothing like extenders. This is a mesh system, meaning that you can move from device to device without disconnection. Extenders require you to disconnect from one and connect to the other. I am not sure how people say that the speed is not good from them. This may be an issue with your internet. You can only go as fast as the actual connection. And old devices may not be able to take advantage of the 5g connection.

Cell phone test.

My 8 year old laptop does not get the same speed.

A lot of the complaints on these units are from earlier firmware. I’ve had them for a year and the last 6 months have been solid and fast. This is a good price for what you get. You can safely blanket a house. I bought a 3rd satellite for in my yard. Keep them updated and keep them spaced far enough apart! If the satellite is too close to the base you will have problems, keep them well separated. Good luck!

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I have been a network engineer for around 20 years. Most wireless AP’s are semi-disposable. I believe the issue is that they have no fans (no moving parts in most consumer level AP’s) and they overheat and then start becoming unreliable over time. I usually get the point where I have to reboot the AP at least once a week and get tired of it and buy a new one every two years or so. The new ones are reliable for multiple months before requiring any reboots so I know it’s something that degrades or builds over time (heat dissipation problems, zinc whisker, gremlins, whatever) but I am not an electrical engineer so I’ve never tried to modify the hardware.

Anyway - these seem reliable so far. There is NO EXTERNAL ANTENNA which most of us will find odd since most new AP’s in this price range have 10,000 antennas coming out the top of it. You don’t need it with this system because it’s a meshed system and is not designed to have one unit cover an entire area. I purchased the 3 pack from a warehouse club six months ago and it covers my three story house plus a fair amount of area around my house extremely effectively. I have both a significantly stronger signal and much more reliable throughput from the upstairs in my house than I ever had before. Other wireless extender systems that I have looked at (and purchased) before use a system that has the wireless extenders connect on another SSID which just consumes extra wireless bandwidth/spectrum inside your house. With this system all Orbi’s use the same SSID and it broadcasts on 2.4Ghz (support for older devices) and 5Ghz (support for newer devices), and the backhaul between the Orbi’s is not a problem. I also get speeds of almost 200Mbps from my devices that support 5Ghz just like the poster above. Older 2.4Ghz devices will not get those blazingly fast speeds.

Somewhat unrelated note - I was interested in Disney Circle Go which is integrated into the Orbi because I have young kids. I suppose it will work, but I have an issue paying $10/month for what is effectively a VPN tunnel on my kids cell phones that terminates back into my house to go through the filtering mechanisms. If my home internet goes down then it would be useless, and VPN back to my own house that doesn’t consume the vendor’s bandwidth (it doesn’t go through a Circle server) shouldn’t cost that much. The concept is great, but the price is exorbitant for what you get. Don’t buy Orbi just because it supports Circle. If you don’t mind the added monthly cost it does work really well, I just don’t like the subscription fee. But I believe buying this Orbi would save you from having to buy the $100 Circle box if you were going to do it anyway - doublecheck though, I might be wrong.

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Just bought an Orbi setup through the parent… literally still in transit (shipped yesterday). Can’t review yet. Nice timing. :slight_smile:

Orbi user here… picked up the three pack version sold by (name of warehouse club redacted) for $349. Not a bad deal here. Had to get it to cover my house and stop using repeaters. Good coverage, though I miss some of the features I had with my Netgear Nighthawk router. Works well with my smart TVs and other assorted smart devices (Nest, Ring, Wemo). Doesn’t like strawberry ice cream but that’s no deal breaker.

IT guy here, and this was my first mesh system. This is a fast router (not the fastest on the market, though) with great range, which is the point of a “mesh” system. I’m very happy with mine, although I bought it new somewhere else, not on Woot. It’s not the latest technology, as it’s what, 1-2 years ago now? However, I would recommend Orbi to anyone looking to increase their wifi range and keep their internet speedy at the same time.