NETGEAR Orbi Home Mesh WiFi System

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NETGEAR Orbi Home Mesh WiFi System
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Orbi or Linksys Velop? Anybody have any insight into which might be preferable?

Orbi is better with conditions. First off, velop is good. But they lie about the grade of their device. I think they call it AC4000 or something ridiculous but they just made it up.

The range on the orbi is longer meaning they cover more square feet with less satellites. Two orbis cover more than 3 velops. Backhaul on the orbi is faster. From what i understand, orbi uses a dedicated wifi backhaul band of 1.7gbs on the 5ghz range. So they cover the n and ac wifi spectrum fully with the backhaul. Velop and most of the other mesh networks don’t do this. They use the ac and/or n to do the backhaul so you end up with only half of the effective speed. Whereas, orbi’s theoretical maximum is 1.7gbs everyone else’s is 850mbs. I think they refer to this as tri-band whereas the velops are dual-band.

The downside of orbi is that it is unreliable out of the box. I bought it based on the the technical specification that i mentioned. But they added features to it and made it unreliable. After disabling daisy chaining and some older technologies (like 20/40 band coexistence and multimedia prioritization) it has been running very smooth. I have the 3 piece set and my whole house and back yard are covered in gigabit wifi. I can sit by the pool and download a movie (or just speed test) lightning fast. I guess the main downside is you have to use a computer to adjust the advanced settings in the orbi. You cannot do it through the app.

My house is structural brick with 2 acres of land. Wifi does not penetrate it well but the 3 orbis cover about 1/2 an acre to an acre of it.

Oh the orbi’s are not a true mesh network. They are preconfigured to work together. The velops are a mesh network. I don’t know all the details of why they aren’t a true mesh network but the orbis end up being faster as a result.

The Orbi’s support daisy chaining now(what is considered a mesh network). I’ve had very few problems with mine and the coverage is great. Would buy again if I had to

It also now supports wired backhaul(though, really, the wireless backhaul it offers is the best you can buy in a mesh consumer grade product)

Despite installation snags, I highly recommend this model. Once I got it running been perfect and fast ever since. I use it in AP mode with Google gigabit fiber. It ran the install then upgraded it’s fimware but then defaulted to a conflicting address which made it inaccessible to fix. The trick was to rerun the setup from scratch. Been great ever since.

I know nothing about this but love my Google WiFi system. 3 access points cost more than this though.

I’ve had Orbi for several months now. We dropped cable and stream HD video to all our TVs without any problems. We had a 3 year old netgear router that couldn’t handle more than two TVs streaming HD along with the several phones and tablets connected… and replaced it with a 3 orbi setup.

I can even stream music while mowing my lawn (3/4 arce lot) and not buffer.

Only problem here is that costco sells this set up for $199.99

This is not the model Costco sells. Costco sells the 3 pack of AC3000 and the 2 pack of AC2200.

Not sure about the Amazon review link. There are hundreds of reviews of these things (this exact model), as I just got one. They sell various configurations of base stations and satellite units, so search for the model itself to find more reviews.

That there are are refurbs is no surprise. Just find the actual listing that has the 100s of reviews, and sort by date. There will be no shortage of very recent bad reviews, reporting bricked units.

The first set I bought bricked during install, after a firmware update. My experience with their support, as reported by others was, to be kind, bad. In the end, I had to send it back to Amazon and got another set. I did not apply the firmware upgrade during installation (or at any other time), and they are working fine.

To sum up, if you get a set that works, they work quite well. If they don’t work, forget about support and plan on sending back. And I would suggest you avoid the firmware upgrade, unless there is some feature of the upgrade that you (a) understand and (b) feel is essential to your needs.

A bricked unit will be readily evident, as the satellite will blink white and never be able to connect to the base station. W/o the satellite, you might was well just get a different router.

I’ve had the Orbi system since December. It has been boringly rock solid and super fast. I get full coverage thru my house, out to the curb and across my entire yard. Been thru two automatic firmware updates, no problems at all.

Did Netgear ever enable the usb port to be used to storage on these? I’ve been eyeing this set for a while, but need the ability to connect a drive for NAS.

$199 at Sams for the RBK40 which in test is slightly slower. Take your pick.

They have a USB 2.0 connection in the back

I know, but did they activate it to be used for external storage? Originally it was not.

I’ve had almost every wifi router known trying to find anything that works in my large very old house. There isn’t a better wifi system out there for 3 level homes. I love this system. Set up was a bit of a pain, but once it was set up, haven’t had any issues. I called Netgear support to help set up and their support was fantastic. Great product, great support. Highly recommend.

I had an orbi; about 3 weeks. most frustrating experience of my life; devices randomly drop connection, or would randomly connect to a node further away have terrible service and be slow. had to reboot the every couple days; returned them as defective; got a brand new set. No difference.

I took those back and for the Eero mesh network; plugged it in absolutely night and day difference. do not waste your money on these.

invest a bit more money and get an eero you’ll be much happier in the long run. (4.5 stars 1600+ reviews)

We moved into a larger house a month ago and I’ve been looking at this since. I guess I’m in for one.

Seems to be a common complaint with Orbi. Sounds like more recent firmware made these less reliable.

I got the Orbi a couple of months ago. A little trouble setting it up, but since then it has just worked.

My desktop is connected via it now, since the machine is ethernet-only and they couldn’t bring the cable connection into this room.