NETGEAR Orbi Home Mesh WiFi System

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NETGEAR Orbi Home Mesh WiFi System
Price: $199.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I have the same model and bought new for a little over $300. Great router and satellite for my 1gb network.

I’ve got the same system, paid more for it. Has been absolutely flawless, get smoking fast wifi everywhere in my 2000 sq ft house, front and back yard.

Bought the exact same setup for considerably more at Costco and it provides solid coverage for my 2700 sf house plus a significant perimeter outside. It can also be scaled up with additional satellites.

I had nothing but trouble on my 3 level home with this exact set up i got on amazon last year; lots of bad reviews on it. I ended up with the Eero; worked perfectly - spend the extra money and avid Netgear.

I have this exact same setup in my 3-level home that was built in 1916. Previous routers left dead spots all over the house. The Orbi hits every corner of the house with full speed. Flawless Wifi. Best Mesh system on the market IMHO. $199 is a steal for this. I paid $150 more at Costco for my system.

I have this in my home and paid full retail. But it was worth it and it easily covers my 3300+ square foot home all the way outside to my chicken coupe located approx 60’ away from edge of my house! I would highly recommend. Great price!

I have a 3 pack of these installed in my smaller bi-level and detached shop. One up, one down, one outside in backyard shop. I can mow the lawn and stream music over wifi, and no dead spots in the house. Only slight drop in signal (2 out 3 bars) is on the driveway in front of my attached garage, but my wifi garage door opener works great in the garage.

My parents use the smaller AC-2200 2 pack in their smaller rambler, and they love it. Cable company router had no range, now Orbi gives them great signal everywhere in their house.

In my 43,000 square foot house I find it is just easier to have my servants stand next to a single wifi router and do my internetting for me. If I am too far away for them to hear me yelling instructions at them, I attach the instructions to one of my trained messenger falcons.

lol, you must be one of those tiny house-r hipsters.

I agree. I got my Orbi system when they first came out… It rocks. I did an evaluation that is on Youtube for Netgear and was shocked that I was getting near direct-to-the-modem-wire-line speeds over wifi in remote locations. Great price, here!

I purchased this mesh system after trying several WiFi company. Constantly losing Internet connection. After installing never had any more WiFi problems. I have a three level 6000sq ft. home.

I think it’s worth noting that while this includes a single hub and spoke, Amazon currently has a bundle that includes an additional access port for $279 new. If you need more than one expansion, this is very much worthwhile as additional expansions can cost as much as the base kit.

I bought this last time on Woot (about $50 more that time) and replaced my $200 Asus Gigabit router. The Asus really under-performed in our new 4000 sq ft house, but the Netgear has been a trouble-free solid performer. Real easy setup too.

The NETGEAR AC3200 gets me 300 yards from my house on the 5.0 band…

I have a large property so I do not put any security. on the router…I know that effects speed by about 10% overhead…But it should hot effect distance…I don’t think…

The coolest thing about this mesh system is the router and satellite talk to each other on a different frequency from your wifi; so you don’t see the bandwidth degradation like on other extender networks.

Paid full list and covers 3400+ square feet.

The 3 pack is a lesser model. This is a great deal if you don’t mind a short warranty.