NETGEAR Orbi Home Mesh WiFi System



NETGEAR Orbi Home Mesh WiFi System


I own this system and I paid almost $300.00 for it. It is really good in my 2500 sq ft home with one at one end , and the other at the other end. It maintains Top internet speed all through the house, great for streaming different movies in different rooms. 2-4K movies at once no problem.


I bought this last time it was on woot. I couldn’t be happier with it. Quick install and works great. My house is 2400 square feet with plaster walls and I get a full WiFi signal throughout the house now.


Gah, of course this is on sale after I buy a Google WiFi. D: Such a good deal!


$300 new, $180 factory reconditioned. Hmm, very tempting. I was just saying to my wife that we need to upgrade our system. Thought about running a cable from my current router, ASUS RT-N66U, to an old linksys to try and setup a makeshift mesh network but I’d have to get down in the crawl space to do that. Which means I’ll have to clean out the closet to get to the access. $180 sounds good for convenience… plus better WiFi coverage.


We have this router mesh. Like the speed and ease of setup. You can’t turn off the 5 Ghz transmission, only turn it down. Some 2.4 Ghz items will be wonky/difficult to setup with some apps due to the issue of the app finding the 5 Ghz channel and your item being on the 2.4 Ghz and not being found by the app.
Not really an issue with Android, but with iOS, you can’t pick which channel, it will always go to the faster 5 Ghz.


Does anyone know what “2 Pack” means? Are they just referring to one Router and one satellite or are there actually two systems included?


One router, one satellite per the RBK50 Model Number.


I bought this a few months back and have been exceptionally happy with the performance!

It replaced an ASUS RT-N66U and a DLink Bridge in our two-story 1900 sq ft house; the router was at the back end upstairs and the bridge was downstairs in the middle, but the coverage at the front both upstairs and downstairs was terrible. Since putting in the base with one satellite, we have complete coverage throughout the house, including the front patio which never had it before.

The setup was very straightforward with only minor complexity due to not wanting to use the default 192.168.1.* IP range.


Either you’re a bot who’s trying to get me to buy this (jokes on you, I already purchased it) by posting nearly the same setup I’m trying to replace or you had the near exact same setup as me and have confirmed that I have made a good choice in buying this.


It’s the latter …

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I tried this. A makeshift mesh still has the issue where the device wants to stay connected to the device where it first connected… So moving a laptop or phone means manually switching to the new nearest router. I got the two-satellite version last time on Woot and solved all my lathe and plaster problems through out my 2400 sq ft.


I remember having similar issues when trying to use the secondary router as a wireless bridge, not to mention the drop in speed. I’m glad this came up and I got it. Looking forward to getting it setup.

Plan to have the satellite closer to my TV in the living room since that’s where a bulk of the wireless devices are used. May even try some wired connections for some of my devices connected to the TV. Although it’s all re-broadcast via WiFi between satellite and main. Is it even worth it?


Why are you reading this? Buy the Orbi Mesh now!

You won’t regret it. Trust me. This system totally solved my wireless woes.


If you’re talking to me, I did already.

If you’re talking to whoever is reading this instead of buying then they should stop reading now and just buy it.