Netgear Orbi RBK43 WiFi System - 3 Pack

Netgear Orbi RBK43 WiFi System - 3 Pack

Hey I just want to confirm that this model has ethernet ports on both the router and the satellite units ?

According to the Netgear product page here it has 4 gigabit ethernet ports on the satellite.

Perfect. Just wanted to make sure I was seeing the same info !!

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Does anyone know if this is compatible with Spectrum internet

Great question. The team found a photo of the back of both units so that’s been added and the specs have been updated.

It should be compatible with any internet provider. I have spectrum and will simply be switching out my old netgear router and wifi extenders for these new units. You’ll run a single ethernet cable from the spectrum modem to the new router base unit. That unit will then broadcast the wifi signal to the other satellite units around the house.

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Does the router work as a modem as in can the internet provider connect straight into the router since it has Ethernet ports also??

No, the RBK line is only the router and satellites. The CBK line has the built in cable modem. This system (RBK43) has 1 main router with no modem and 2 satellites. You will have to hook up the main router to your modem.

Ok thanks

I got these a couple months ago and love them. They set up crazy easy. I disabled the WiFi on my modem/router and was amazed at both the coverage and increased speed. Had I known how easy, I’d have gotten these long before.