NETGEAR Orbi WiFi System - 3 Pack

NETGEAR Orbi WiFi System - 3 Pack

The specs under Woot’s description show AC2200, but the model number (RBK50) is listed as AC3000 on Netgear’s website. Can we get clarification?

Hi there. We’re selling the RBK43 per the title. We’re correcting the specs tab “In the box”.

Thanks for the note.

Love my Orbi. They had a few growing pains with some bad firmware releases, but that’s all in the rearview mirror. Very happy with it

Just FYI, the specs section still says “2pk” though the title says “3 Pack”. Might be confusing someone, I don’t know.

I"ve got the RBR50 with 2 satellites. No matter how much bad you read, mine has been rock solid stable thru 3 automatic firmware updates. Quite boring actually. Just works.

This is a great deal. If you only need the router and/or a single satellite, even better. Sell off the satellites separate as they are very expensive to purchase by themselves.

This RBK43 covers up to 6,000sqft while the RBR50 only covers up to 2,500 sqft. Great deal today



Direct from, the RBK43 is a 3-pack


I wonder if I can use these to set up an ISP in my neighborhood so a few other houses can help share the cost of my ripoff broadband connection.

Don’t pay your share? I turn off your Wifi.

I bought the two-pack system (RBK50) here about six months ago. Rock solid, trouble free. Covers our 4,500 sq ft house no problem. If only my ISPs service were as dependable.

Oh yeah, Disney Circle is built in, great for families.

Would a system like this help with my crappy FIOS connections in my household? I have a single family home about 3200sqft. Switched from Xfinity to Fios thinking I was getting a better connection. Need to try something.

If your FIOS connection is crappy, as in your modem drops service, this won’t help. If your internal house routing is crappy, this may help.

TY. I corrected it.

Thank you Dave. Modem doesnt drop service but its spotty through the upper levels of the house. Modem had to be placed in a back room in basement where the AC and water heater are. Would this system help here?

Best Wifi system on the market IMHO. Live in a really old house that used to have dead spots all over. Orbi fixed those dead spot issues and its been running smooth since it was first powered up.

Sounds like your connectivity over WiFi is what’s spotty, not the provider. I would guess that this will improve your coverage, depending on material of construction of the home. If it is a converted row home with brick walls between rooms, you may not have good results. If it is traditional USA construction, drywall and 2x4s, this should work out well. In my opinion. I have a 1900 square foot ranch with full basement. Router unit on one end upstairs, satellite on the other end upstairs, and center in basement. All connect great.

*Your results may vary.

I do have a traditional drywall and 2X4 built home. Its a brand new home built in 2016. I have direct tv and fios. Have to use the main floor outlet for direct tv so cant put the router on that main mid level. Only place it can go is down in the basement which I think is my issue. I may try this.

No USB port is a deal-breaker for me. My 4 year old nighthawk router has 1 USB and I keep my external hard drive plugged into that port. I use it as network storage drive and even for backing up my computer drives.

See below for Consumer Report review and rating:

They will link in Router-Sat-Sat order if needed, so if you went basement Router, first floor Satellite, second floor Satellite, that may work out well for you.

Does the router component replace my fios router?