NETGEAR Orbi WiFi System - 3 Pack

NETGEAR Orbi WiFi System - 3 Pack

I got these on an earlier sale and have had them in place for several months. Love them - seamless coverage and more than tripled the speed I was getting from my modem/router. They hook up easily. Not always the most intuitive, but it still is fairly easy to get them up and running and the app is great at seeing that all is in order.

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These are the AC2200, not as fast as the AC3000. Both have previously been offered at Woot. I got the 2 pack of AC3000’s a few months ago. Have loved them since installing. Pretty quick and easy, great coverage and speed. If you’re looking for plug and play with little advanced settings, then I highly recommend these.

I have yet to dive into the advanced settings. I don’t like that you can’t access them in the App (that they push you to use to setup) but have to go to the web browser admin page instead. It’s slightly less convenient especially since they push the app. Changing settings in the advanced settings seem more difficult than products I’ve used in the past (ASUS, Linksys) but it also could be that it’s been a while since I’ve had to setup an IP address range limit and static IP’s.

Still, I highly recommend this line of routers.