Netgear RangeMax 802.11g 240Mbps USB2.0 Adapter

Great deal but yeah Im gonna pass on this too

Thinking about this one… opinions?

Good deal? Looking for one of these


meh. not much.


Bleh, goodnight.

buy it its good

get three, they’re cheap

How does that guy reply so fast


just got one, i suggest everyone get one they go for like $50 retai

I heard that there would be at least 5 rhesus monkeys available for under $100 tonight… where are they!!!

granted, these netgear gizmo’s are useful, but a monkey is even MORE useful.

I’m also afraid of kidney stones

thinking about one of these for my dorm… worth it??

Many beers later my screen is starting to blur. Almost time for me to go to bed. Damn the woot offs, hate to love them.

buy a dozen, sell them to your friends that want a router, but are too cheap to go to the store to get a good $30-$40 one.

It’s OK. They go for $30 new if you can find them.

won’t you dorm have wireless internet?

mine does