Netgear RangeMax Next Wireless-N Router

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Refurbished Netgear RangeMax Next Wireless-N Router, for $39.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Netgear RangeMax NEXT Wireless N Router WNR834B

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that description is fantabulous

5 stars from Buzzillion Reviewers…

94/100 on alaTest, out of some 300+ reviews…,72/

Wish the product was as good as the description…

not looking good…

I bought one of these in the last woot off, and it works great… for about a day. Then its starts constantly dropping and reacquiring internet connection. So I unplug it and let it sit for awhile until i get desparate for wireless, then i plug it back in.

ohhh man that description made me LOL

Netgear wireless routers are like the IBM Deskstar (A.K.A. Deathstar) hard drives from a few years ago. They work just long enough that you feel comfortable with them and then WHAM they hit you up with a death by poor design. By the way, if you have a dead Deskstar drive with personal data on it, just whack it a few times with a hammer. The platters in the drive are made of glass and will shatter quite easily, breaking all your information into little sparkely shards of destruction. A non functioning Netgear router can also be taken care of in this manner. Don’t pass on defective electronics to others, (unless you don’t like them). Destroy and recycle.

This description is AWESOME!!!

Same price as Fry’s for a refurb, only Frys is/was giving free shipping.

love the description

I was really excited to see a router because as it turns out I need a new one.

But after checking the newegg reviews I think I’ll have to pass on this one. Way to many early deaths to consider this one.

All the RMA’d modems are probably why they have these refurbs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love it…

Exposed Host (DMZ) for secure gaming

Yes, lots of security in making an system De-militarized, kinda like asking for an nice RPC (spoof on RPG) attack.

Hey, I am using DMZ, I must be secure, no need for this helmet or being in our bunker. I think I will wear a bright pink jumpsuit and go feed the seagulls.

Says the general, “have you seen GamerX?”
Scout replies, “Yeah! I just saw him explode after being queer and thinking it was safe in the DMZ”
General responds, “Oh, ok… It’s kinda like the Korea or Pakastan border… Thanks for the heads up, I was just about to get in my lime green jump suit and try to catch diner and a movie.”

Scout whispers aside… “dumbazz” and explodes, because he unknowingly followed the General into the DMZ.

Moral of the story… do not trust… boom… :confused:

i nominate description of the year

im not sure about this exact router but my family only uses netgear. It is the only brand of routers that we can’t kill with heavy use. i only recommend netgear and would buy this one if we didnt already have a spare

Is this tomatoable?

best description = fact!

I was just about to look up if it is wrt compatible.

this router is dd-wrt capable; dd-wrt is great aqnd also solves some of the reliability issues with this router.
instructions for dd-wrt on this router are here:

I bought two of these off of tigerdirect a month ago fo about the same price ($37.95 each + $5.00 s/h) now i bought one here so i can finally use my old wrt54gs as my mobile wardriving router. dd-wrt runs nicely on this router but it can only use a mini-build special version of dd-wrt so follow the instructions!