Netgear RangeMax Next Wireless-N Router

Waiting for .11N to get finalized

It looks like it has a disconnect issue with dd-wrt.

Later on the digest, people are going to another devices firmware.

woops, just read after July 3rd, the problems were resolved.

Do you really think N will ever finalize with the potential IP issue. (Not addressing)

Yes you have extended range yes you have faster speed. IF IT WORKS. Apparently Draft-n rev2 and below sometimes have problems where if you disconnected on one wireless device in close proximity to another wireless device your other wireless device can be effectively disconnected and stuck at 1mbs till you restart your router. It esspecially happens in a mixedmode envirnoment (aka networks with wireless g and wireless n). IT IS ANNOYING. There are also other random quarks and hiccups with Draft-n.
It doesn’t matter the company draft specification is bad. (perhaps this is why it’s on woot here)
I had a Draft-n rev2 router. Damn stupid draft specification you are wasting your money. Wait till it becomes approved first then buy a Wireless N router.
This looks to be a Draft-n Rev1 router.

I’m sure when it becomes approved it will all be fixed and life will be good. But till then stay away from Draft specification.
If you need range get a Wireless-g Mimo router. other advice is mount in a high place. Unless you live in a mansion a Wireless-g Mimo got you covered. (if mounted correctly with correct ant. positions)

N will finalize; they’ll find some sort of clever workaround for the trouble (my understanding of why it’s taking so long to finalize was politics; if you have more info please elaborate (i want to know))

I will never buy any refurb netgear crud again.

I have this router myself and it works great i got it paired with another netgear wireless n adapter and i get 300mbps connection speed with the regular firmware and i never have any problems i am two floors and three rooms away from it with 100% connection all the time I can’t do anything to loose any connection quality it is locked on to the 100% mark

if you have a draft-n router they can’t release it without the availability to upgrade it to standard n at the time it is approved and you can always knock it down to a really powerful Wireless-g MIMO (or Super-G if you do alot of networking) 108mbps extended range setup

Most likely not, as it is limited to 4MB flash ram.
Also Tomato seems to be more for WRT54G derived Linksys products.

Airgo intellectual property (IP) – MIMO patents – will be part of 802.11n, but under IEEE rules, a company that is part of the specification development process is asked to submit assurance that it will license its IP to other companies using the standard in a fashion that is reasonable and non-discriminatory (RAND).

“Anyone voting should make that assurance,” says McFarland, “but that’s not to say they can’t charge [for their IP]… they just can’t choose their friends and enemies and not license to some.”

Airgo’s Borison said he couldn’t say how things would work out with IP licensing, since anything could happen in the standards process, but he feels there should be no issues if things progress as they have in TGn. He believes that having a final 802.11n standard helps, rather than hurts, Airgo’s industry standing, saying, “Having other players [in MIMO] just adds credibility to the market we created.” Products based on Airgo’s third generation chips are selling now, and Borison says the fourth gen will be ready for true 802.11n compliance and Wi-Fi Alliance interoperability testing as soon as the specification is ratified.

Airgo originally balked at the EWC’s plans, saying the group was trying to circumvent the IEEE’s standards process. In the interest of moving things along, it did eventually vote in the affirmative when the JP accepted the EWC proposal.

In a statement released last night, however, Airgo managed another parting shot at the EWC, saying the draft approval vote “signals an end to the special interest group politics that disrupted standards progress this Fall.”

But HP and QualComm seem to have purchased AirGo or at least parts… I am not sure too much about it.

The description is 111% win! (666 divided by 6?) Damn shame that Uncle Cleethorp couldn’t use any blinking text.

I may just pull the trigger on this, my current stinksys router is sadly un-ddwrt-able.

I sometimes wonder what the random Yahoo shopper thinks when they come across these product descriptions. : )

I use a wired connection most of the time, so I just have an inexpensive b/g wireless router added to my network for those occasions when I need wireless. I’ll probably add faster wireless access eventually, but not until I have an actual need for it.

Bought one of these off woot.

Junk. No installation software. No support from Netgear because they ask for a serial number WHICH THIS UNIT DOES NOT HAVE. A buddy of mine finally found the software, installed it on my machine, NO CONNECTION.

Do. Not. Buy.

Do note, this router is sadly internal antenna. (Deal Breaker for me) :frowning:

Also, you can not use the mega release (not a big deal)

I wonder if would fit.

I’ve been waiting for a router to appear and now one finally does but the comments are pretty scary. Can anyone recommend a good router that doesn’t cost a ton of money??? Thanks!! :slight_smile:

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Still a fabulous description though :stuck_out_tongue:

there is an ip address on the back of the router enter it into a browser on a comp hooked up through ethernet and set up the wireless you have to do that for most new wireless routers and if you tell the guy on the phone it is a factory refurbished item and therefore has no seriel number you get customer service

I think that DD-WRT is only compatible with v2 of the WNR834B model at this time. Do we know if this is v2 or v1? I have the feeling that it is v1.

EDIT: The Supported Devices list says that a modded .chk file is required for the WNR834Bv1. Does anyone know where to get it? I think people have managed to get DD-WRT onto the WNR834Bv1, but there doesn’t appear to be any official documentation on how to do it.

Since when did routers need software to be installed on your computer?

Worst-router-ever. Worst-company-ever. It will after a few months, you will have to send it back to get fixed, and it will die again. If it dies out of warranty, you’re screwed, EVEN THOUGH NETGEAR KNOWS DAMN WELL THE ROUTER IS FLAWED.


Odd I got mine during the last woot off and it works GREAT. I live in a house made of brick. Litterally! It was made in 1935, even the interior walls are made of it for some reason! I have this router in my bedroom in the back corner of the house and I can get great signal in the garage outside, my front living room, anywhere!!! Even my Tmobile Dash can connect with it easily. Both Laptops and a Desktop running wireless on it, with 2 computers wired and a Vonage unit wired, never had a problem with throughput at all. My suggestion GET IT GET IT GET IT!!!

Brick reflects EM signal far better than standard sheetrock… it also blocks it from outside. I’ll bet you get subpar cell reception inside, unless you’re close to an antenna.