Netgear RangeMax Next Wireless Router

of course! buy 3!

then you’ll want the beverly hills polo luggag set.

I love the McCain-Palin Ads on woot.

Don’t they know that people who use woot are all liberal?! Silly McCain-Palin.

inb4 flame.

it would look nice sitting next to my wii…


My roommate has a Mac [blegh] and she can connect to this router just fine. Needed to upgrade the OS for WPA2 support, though.

I acctualyl just turned my phone into a wifi router. Dude in the car Buy a htc tilt . and put a comp in your car lol

the liberals have no money!!! the republicans are in bed sleeping through the deals!!! they missed out on the beverly hills polo luggage set!!!

I’m voting for McCain

I really enjoyed the write up for this one, but I have a wrt 54gs and none of my pcs have wireless N, so I’ll have to pass.

who need lugage when we all just stay at home and woot…

as long as it comes with white wires, i’m happy

how long are the wires and what type

Wake me when its over!


and are they white?

I just bought one at frys for 25.00 shipped! Awesome router def worth getting if you are in the market for one.

It’s wireless, i hope it’s compatible with air. Gosh…