Netgear RangeMax Next Wireless Router


probably about 20 minutes or so.

Come on… Sell out already…

You have ads? ohhh, sometimes I forget that websites I visit look different for other people who don’t use adblock plus.

Can this be set up as a bridge?

the Language is for all the woot $$hit we buy for Christmas lol.

In for 13.

300 Mbps??

i thought N was 108 Mbps?

I got a different netgear router from woot~works awesome. The neighbor upstairs is able to steal my wireless. He said he is always able to use it…I only use it for the wii and DS so it does what I need it to do and for the price!!! I didn’t want to spend alot of money to connect my wii to the internet…this was perfect!

i’m mostly concerned about wires. my router has lots of wires. why would i want one with less features than mine.

haha nope they come with YELLOW wires actually…sorry to burst your bubble

No, people who use WOOT! are not all liberals. There is at least one conservative Independent and I’m voting for McCain/Palin, so it’s not easy to change my mind if I go about producing a baby and then decide, oops!, I don’t want that…

I set your Mom up as a bridge…

You’ll proabably have to buy about 50 to 100 of them to do that. Plus pouring the foundation and suspension cables or other supports.

At least this is more along the line of what made woot famous. However, guys in a woot off this needs to be at HALF price really. Question… why do we stay up for the same prices we can get when ever its on regular ole woot?

im voting for ron paul…

Sounds like some one needs some security haha