Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router Bundle

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router Bundle
$69.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Netgear WPN824 4 Port 108mbps RangeMax Wireless Router v2
1 Netgear WPN111 Rangemax Wireless 108mbps USB 2.0 Adapter

Not wireless n, c’mon woot, at this price it should be 802.11n!


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I had one of these for the last 4 months, picked it up on black Friday. Terrible router, started failing after three months, constantly having to reboot to get system back up. Customer support was lame. Finally swapped it for lynksys. I would not reccomend this…

Netgear! RUN!

I got the Router from a Wootoff awhile back. It works well and it did seem to improve reception. Combined with the wireless adapter, it’s a reasonable deal.

I wouldn’t waste time with this router, especially at this price (though it is being bundled with an equally crappy adapter, so I guess it’s got that going for it). I’ve been using this router for a while, and it can’t keep up with my broadband speeds. Also doesn’t support many simultaneous connections, so if you like to torrent “Linux distros” then this is going to choke, either throttling your connection or locking up, taking down your wireless network. Mine is about a year and a half old, and it’s radio is starting to flake out on me, so I’ve got a new other-brand router on the way that will do draft-N, support my broadband speed, and support about 4x the connections.

Agreed. Linksys + DD-WRT ftw!

Already have one…it’s a GREAT router!

So it looks like has it for $91 with free shipping (hard to tell with no product photo or description, though). Those others definitely aren’t the same product.

I can’t talk about the router, but I will say that the USB adapter is nearly worthless. Hands down the least reliable piece of networking gear I’ve ever used, and probably the least reliable computer part of any sort I’ve used this decade. Don’t consider using it at all unless you’re willing to modify it (by which I mean pry it apart) to keep it from overheating all on its lonesome in a 63 degree room.

I got one around a year ago and it’s worked great. The speeds I get with the N in my laptop are close to the wired speeds I get with comcast.

To answer the obvious question that usually arises at some point…

YES!!! it works on an apple.

I’m personally still looking for something cheap that will work with N wireless so no sellout woot for me tonight.


Couldn’t agree more as my experience with Netgear has been really bad!

Agreed. I gave mine away because it was so terrible. It would constantly overheat and I’d need to unplug it, let it cool for 10 minutes, then plug it back in. It ran a bit better when I opened up the case. Unless you plan on mod’ing the router by cutting open the case, gluing on an 80mm fan and soldering the fan wires to the power supply, I would stay away from this router. I opted to buy a reliable router instead. I’ve had a Linksys since Christmas that has never needed to be restarted.

Despite all of the poor opinions, I have had no trouble with this router, and I even have a refurb.

desperately searching for a piece of wood

VPN is a good feature, the signal seems to be good, and I’ve had no problems with overloading the router with torrent connections (most likely its your modem that’s the problem there).

I bought it back when woot offered it here:

The current price doesn’t seem like that great of a deal, however.

Got one off woot about a year ago. Works great… as long as you only have one wireless device talking to it. Add a second laptop in the house and you’ll need to power cycle every day, sometimes every hour. Sometimes you’ll have that problem with only one device connected, but not since the most recent update of the firmware.

I would have to say I agree with the previous posts on Netgear routers. Sorry Woot. I bought one about a year ago from woot and I have to say that it completely sucks for a main router. HOWEVER - When I turned it into an access point with security features, it works flawlessly. This is a cheap solution if you already have a router and are looking to either add wireless capability or expand your wireless zones around the house. I personally use a DLink N router that comes in from my main cable line upstairs. The house is prewired so I sat this up downstairs for other media and my kids use it to hook up to the Wii and their laptops. I just disabled the DHCP server on this sucker and gave it a network address off of my DLink subnet and now I can share files on my whole network seemlessly.
So the main point here is, if you are looking to expand your wireless network and need an access point with security, this might not be that bad. It seems that the only issue with it is actually handling network IP assignments and other core networking features. Other than that this is a good deal considering that access points are way more expensive than routers. Final synopsis is that this is a great Access Point but a horrible router. Anyway - that is my two cents.

Interesting. Is Netgear based in Antarctica?

Really, I don’t think there’s even a need to go for Linksys router unless you get a good deal. I still use the Westell my ISP gave me for free almost a year and a half ago, and I’ve reset it exactly once. (My new external adapter is a refurb. Linksys, though. It does what it should.)