Netgear RAX70-100NAR Nighthawk AX6600 Tri-Band WIFI 6 Router

Netgear RAX70-100NAR Nighthawk AX6600 Tri-Band WIFI 6 Router

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I had a tri-band Netgear router and an older Netgear dual band, both as wireless APs (ISP gateway provided router functions). I had interference with my JBL soundbar’s wireless sub. No amount of channel swapping or TX power changing would resolve the issue. The upper 5Ghz bands cause the interference. This also caused a decrease in wifi speeds. I had other issues with the other AP so i replaced them with refurb Asus dual channel wifi6 routers with mesh. No more subwoofer interference, consistent wireless speeds that are what my ISP provides (fiber). And one SSID. Also, the Asus app is so much better than the Nighthawk, and the web interface has a ton more settings.
Just food for thought- tri-band may not be a good thing.


support for a whopping forty devices? lol.

How fast can this baby fly?

Depends on if you’re being chased by a TIE Fighter.


For its time this is somewhat outdated. I replaced my cheaper MSRP TP-Link setup with something similar to this stealth fighter from Netgear and separate modem. I paid more for the modem than my stealth fighter both from woot. Anyway this set up has less distance than my TP-Link spider had. The speeds don’t seem to be as fast either. Oh well leason learned. Eventually I will be going back to Archer/Tp-Link as it had better overall speeds. The only thing that I really like is that I’m not needing to refresh the signal monthly as the TP-Link required for best experience.