NETGEAR RBK43 AC2200 Orbi Mesh WiFi

NETGEAR RBK43 AC2200 Orbi Mesh WiFi

I have this and I have to say it really does work well. I can stream my NAS content to my TV using plex no problem. When I used a single point router it was nearly impossible because of the way my house is built. I was seeing about 18 MBps now it’s in the 150 range with this setup.

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Bought these refurb off woot a couple months back and WOW, amazing mesh system, I use it in a two floor condo which is total overkill but I get signal in all directions outside for a ways. These are a steal!

My parents live in a long rancher-style house with their AP at one end and their TVs and bedroom at the other. Before they were getting intermittent/no signal over wifi with a traditional router. I bought the Orbi system and set it up for them, and all I can say is that it’s been a game-changer for them – they can actually stream content to their TV and can get a usable signal in their bedroom. As far as I know, they’ve had no problems with it.

We got these a couple years ago and have loved them. Easy to set up. The base is hooked via Ethernet to the modem. We have one on each floor and can move about the house without ever having a weak signal.