NETGEAR RBK50 Orbi Home Mesh WiFi System

NETGEAR RBK50 Orbi Home Mesh WiFi System

“No Internet Connection” SOLVED!

Ok this review is specific to it being renewed, I got this off woot cert refurbished, plugged it in, downloaded the app but would connect to the internet, I unplugged/ plugged, tried 5 different cables, EVERYTHING!!! (2 hours in) Still no internet! Tried my phones browser since it was connected to the wifi on initial setup, nada, same “not connected to the internet jargon, then plugged my PC into the Orbi, getting the Orbi to act as a lan router, nope, also tried the site, and…nope. Then I saw a post from (their official log in to your router site) if the isp says then the isp doesn’t recognize the Orbi call and have them identify, waited 40 min, tech support says they don’t even see it attached directly to the modem, they see everything else that was directly plugged in but no Orbi, and no magic ping button to the Orbi.

Here’s where I solved my issue…
The Firmware was old, and has to manually be updated. Mine was something like 2.1.???.210

You have to have a computer with an Ethernet port.

  1. Connect PC into the Orbi via Ethernet port (not internet port). Then go to on setup will recommend it automatically set up all the settings. DONT Select this option, will have you change MAC address to a previous router or PC. And still no internet.

  2. You gotta to select manual setup. You’ll be prompted with you have to be some kind of rocket scientist and not recommended. (It’s really not)
    Then it will send you right into creating an account, and make one. The will tap into the Orbi itself. Check the firmware in the upper right corner.

  3. Take the Ethernet cable from the Orbi and connect to your modem. Go to select your Orbi you have to update the firmware with two different firmwares. Remember mine was ending in 210, and said I needed 212 first, to download the newest one.

3 1/2) on a separate browser window or your smart phone pull this site:

  1. Unplug the Ethernet from the modem and back in the Orbi Ethernet port (not internet). Log back in to, and follow the instructions from step 3 1/2. After downloaded the 212 I got internet then updates the firmware for bother router and satellite.

Goodluck! Internet works great! Good coverage from a 2 story 3bd 2 1/2 bath!

Being Cert refurb… they should have updated the firmware to at least the 212, cause I’m sure with what NETGEAR puts out for their solution l, and ISP can’t do anything, not working out the box… most people would return it! I almost did…

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