Netgear Super-G Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter

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Netgear Super-G Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter
$8.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Reburbished

Product List:

  • 1 Netgear WG111T Super-G Wireless USB Adapter

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Hey all, this is my first woot order so pardon the newbie questions. I don’t entirely understand this Smartpost shipping method and can’t find an answer to my question in the FAQ. I’ve had packages stolen from my front porch when shippers have left them without a signature. Has anyone set a “signature required” on their order with woot or do I need to contact the shipper for this? For a Smartpost shipment, do I contact FedEx or USPS?

I found this in the woot blog: . I checked the “Your Account” page and there’s no mention that my order was shipped Smartpost. Actually, it doesn’t mention any shipper. Who do I need to contact to set a “signature required” on my shipment? Thanks.

Low marks on AMAZON…

High marks on CNET…

go figure.

Doesn’t everything have integrated wifi by now anyway?

I just bought 2 of these at the local Gizmo Gadget store last week. They were refurbishers also but cost me 19.99 each. This is a steal!

not a bad deal, but they overheat and need reset

Smart post is a subsidized part of fedex… which pretty much works through USPS… considering FedEx owns USPS now. I’m not sure you can set a signature requirement… I would email woot… or just try and be home for the package. It is tracked through FedEx’s site… and is usually on time.

Also… noting… how could a BOC be followed by this POS

Geez… Crapola… Was expecting something alittle better than these things again. Had one, worked ok… Gave it to a friend in need. For anyone unaware, get the drivers off of the netgear site (


I purchased three of these pieces of crap the last time they came around. They overheat. If you leave them in the plastic case they may give you 2-6 hours of internet time, removing the case, and the longest that I got out of any of them was 1-2 days.

Netgear is too cheap to add a heatsink, don’t waste your money if you want to browse the internet for more than an hour.

Works well with Tivo, but otherwise and big snooze

Thanks woot! was about to pull the trigger for a few Ipaq systems. Right price perfect time.

How many computers now a days do not come with wireless technology built right in? Even most desktops are running wireless now that it is fast enough.

It looks like a good deal if you have a 5 y/o computer you need to get on-line for some reason.

(Let’s see how many people get probation for ‘WootOff only’ posts)

thanks! in for 1

Will this work with Tivo Series 2 ?

these get horrible reception…plus its refurb

Would you get super-G performance if you are using an N router?

Smartpost basically means ultra-cheapo-no-frills-or-options-of-any-kind-what-so-ever-ever-ever. Expect your package to arrive when it arrives. It could be a week. If you’e exceedingly lucky! It could be two. Or three. Or four. Or more…

Forgive my curmudgeonly demeanor this evening. I’m still fuming over the “Server is too busy” screen during tonights Woot-Off BOC.

Just because I get a kick out of the translations. I’ll offer one final WTF?!?!?!?

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dont know if this will help you, i never needed a sig. you can email woot and tell them. good luck.

USB powered. I do not understand how you can judge internet time. I already own a few purchased from woot! yet needed more. May I suggest checking you USB voltage, Reads as maybe a spark.