NetGear WB7530-100NAS Network Bundle

This seems too good to be true? Anyone?

It does sound too good to be true. But just in case I bought one and hope I can sell it for what it’s actually worth. That would be awesome!

I would like to confirm that this is a legit, new, in the box bundle. If it is ill buy as many as I can. This is the deal if the year!

Confirming that this 100% NEW Product and you will be receiving exactly what you are ordering! New NetGear WB7530-100NAS.

Confirming that this is 100% legit, new, in the box bundle. New NetGear WB7530-100NAS!

Thunderthighs or anyone at woot able to explain why this appears to be legitimately to be between $2400 to $2600 off.

I’ve checked amazon, new egg, tiger direct and even best buy and they are all selling it for what appears to be $2800 to $3300.

How is the price at woot possible, are you selling at cost, what’s the catch?

Well here is something interesting. A “non-urgent” recall from netgear.

It says certain serial number are affected, for the WB7530-100NAS if the forth character is between 0 and 3 it is affected by this recall.

An example serial is 4JY0123456789 where 0 is the number to verify. It says if it is between 4 and 9 it is not affected.

Woot are the items you are selling affected by this recall? What is the forth digit of the items you are selling here?

Also these are new and not refurbs or items that have been taken in by the recall and being sold after having their CPU’s replaced, correct?

  • No, they are not affected by the recall.

  • The forth digit is a 4

  • Yes, the are new sealed units!!

So catamount1, question, Who are you?

You do not have a rep account and you do not have a Woot employee account so how is it that you can confirm any of this?

I am the Vendor.

He is our vendor. He sneaked in on me and I didn’t have time to add his badge.

He’s good people.

Okay thank you for clearing this up Thunder/Cat, I feel a bit better about this now.

However still do either of you want to come clean as to how you are selling this $2400 dollars less than anyone else. Woot is awesome and all but really?

Was this part of damaged freight shipment where Cat you are working on behest of the insurance company selling the items to offset the money your company paid out on their claim?

Which is a legit business and I’m not trying to cast aspersions or anything but can one of you please just clue us in here on why this is so cheap?

Okay thanks folks hope to hear back.

Well mine arrives today so way faster than January 4th.

They appear to have a metric ton of these things, this model is currently number 14 in Woot’s top selling items, however they calculate that, who knows…