Netgear WGPS606 802.11g Wireless USB Print Server and 4-Port Switch



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loooks cool, but i’ve already got me a router and have printer sharing enabled on an always-on computer.





dunno what this is for. is ita router? or just for printing


Netgear WGPS606 802.11g Wireless USB Print Server & 4-Port Switch

  • $5 shipping


so like a bridge or just for printers?


Anyone have teh low-down on how well this thing works?


Not even MIMO…



refurbished. Would have been a great price if its new.


BizRate’s got it from $80… big whoop…

Shopzilla’s got it from $50… DOPE!

NexTag’s got it from $37… way dope!

MSN Shopping’s got it from $80… whack…

CNET only gave it a 6.0 rating… so be weary…

… other than that… have a good weekend.


i actually expected a bag of crap how sad. However this isnt a bad steal for a print server. if you need one? kinda cheap for ya.


Aww…where’s my cabbage?

Eh, not something I need right now. Plus it’s a refurb so whatever.

we’ll try tomorrow.


Thanks for the Woot Off! If I had wireless I would get it, I think? :slight_smile: Sounds like a good deal. Thanks for the sleep deprivation over the last 48 hours Woot! Good Night! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Any way I can use this to create a wireless bridge from a linksys router. To extend my network where wires can’t reach.



Do these work well? my notion is that its netgear and thus is worth its weight in poo.


Would it work in a mac and windows network?


Is it wrong to take joy in the fact that so many people will be upset about what this isn’t?

Anyway, I have a print server and wireless router, and I so wish that I had been able to get something like this that combines both. I am tempted even though technically I don’t need it.


got this free with a Dell laptop I bought my sister


I second that. I’ve had mine for two year now and it’s worked great. Good woot. Still, really wanted some blinged out cabbage.